Why BookTube?


WHY BOOK BLOG? WHY BOOKTUBE? Or why I’m here and why you’re reading this.

So I was inspired by ElizzieBooks to start doing book reviews, so HERE I am!princess diaries books

I love other things like make-up, TV, and music, my family and community, but like Ariel Bissett, I realized I didn’t want to talk about music, or in my case, make-up (well, maybe sometimes make-up!), or TV — I wanted to talk about books.

Plus, I was THAT kid in public school who wanted to read more, for fun, outside of school, but people made me feel bad about reading so because of peer pressure, I kinda let my desire to read fizzle out and read only what I had to for my English, Classic or world literature classes.  On Booktube I feel like I can be confident when I talk about books. Booktube is diminishing that bad aura around reading; reading is NOT something stupid to do. It’s exciting to know when you’re done with a book you can make a video about it, how you like or didn’t like it, or wished something else happened to so and so character.


I believe there is a book for everyone out there — whether you’re hipster, thug, skater, jock, cheerleader, nerd, goth, or whatever else. However, I believe not every book is for every reader, and in writing/Youtube-ing these book reviews my goal is to hopefully get the book to the right reader. And that right reader may be you!! We all have different tastes, but we all have books we love (quote I love by Katytastic).



  • You get to talk to people about books you’re really interested in
  • Interact with book publishers
  • Instead of ordinary snail mail, you can write and talk to authors via Twitter or e-mail in real-time and get a response the same day
  • Booktube is growing EXPONENTIALLY!! More and more readers are joining the online YouTube world of talking about books. I just joined last month and have already talked to 5 people who started this summer or this year, 2014
  • When you comment on a video, or blog entry you usually get positive comments from other people, not anything disrespectful or rude.
  • READATHONS! (Read more bout them here)


So far I’ve found this is a GREAT community to be a part of! If you’re not a part of Booktube, or don’t have a book blog or an Instagram account with pictures of the books you’re currently reading — what are you waiting for? We are waiting for you to come join in on the fun, laughs, and conversation.



Goodreads – http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/5618979

Instagram – http://instagram.com/perfecshunist

Book Blog – https://mnmmariam.wordpress.com/

Twitter – http://twitter.com/emancipatedmimi



mariam aka mimi signature

August 2014

NOTE: much of this intro was inspired by the amazing popular, famous, and overall great booktubers – Christine Riccio, Ariel Bissett, Katy, and Priscilla and their discussion while on the VidCon 2014 panel.

The highlighted font inspired by Francine Pascal’s Fearless series which is a FAVE series of mine from highschool.


fearless nume 1 cover


Here is an infographic I created for Booktube! Please share 🙂

whybooktube graphic with icons





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