Top 3 Thursday – “The Feels”

Top 3 Thursday Meme

top 3 thursday meme with contac details

Mariam Mimi’s Meme

Top 3 Thursdays – “The Feels”

Every Thursday using the hashtag #ThursdayFeels on your Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or blog, list the Top 3 movies, comics, story-like games, conversations with your friends, songs, short stories, poems, TV shows, or movies which make you feel _______. (See topics below for upcoming Thursdays!)

This is a short meme to start fun, healthy conversations with your real life and online friends, as well as share the BEST stories of our week in whatever format you like: conversations, movies, books, or games!  You can write, film, or graphize your thoughts on your blog, Instagam, Tumblr or youtube channel.  Don’t forget to link yours below so people can visit your social media site. And remember, have fun!


FEEL FREE TO GRAB THE MEME GRAPHIC and add it to your blog or channel!

(I was playing around with PicMonkey and diviy-ed my meme graphic up a little! Grab the one you like for your blog!) Also, if you’re doing the meme, don’t forget to tweet me to leave a comment below letting me know you’re doing it, otherwise I wont know — but if you leave me a comment I’ll know and be happy to check it out!

top 3 thursday meme with contac purple top 3 thursday meme with contac details blue top 3 thursday meme with contac details wit hpnk top 3 thursday meme with contac details modified


Write a list of the top three stories that made you feel the theme below. Also include a short description why each made you feel that way.


Top 3 Thursdays Prompts


1- Made you Celebrate Good Times (come on)

8 – Made you Giddy like Riding a Horse

16 – Made you Sparkle like You’re Wearing the Best Perfume Ever

22 – Made you Shiver like You were Almost Frozen

29 – Made you Swoon over the Attractive Character (s)


5 – Made you Sing Gleefully

12- Made You Want to Fall In Love

19-Made you Dance like No One’s Watching

26- Made you Cry A River

MARCH 2015

5 – Made You Want to Scream

12- Made you Want to Make a Change

19- Made you Want to Drink Lots and Lots of ________ (fill in a drink)

26- Made Thank Your Lucky Stars


October 16 – Made you Angry Like a Villain

October 23 – Made you Hyper like a Sugar Rush

October 30 – Made you Depressed Like someone you love was dying

November 7 – Made you Feel Cozy, snuggly, or comfy

November 14 – Made you Dance like Nobody’s watching

November 21 –  Made you Melancholy (gloomy) like Gray Clouds Rolling overhead

November 28 – Made you Gross-out like your Least Favorite Food

December 4 – Made you High Like a Good Song

December 11 – Made you Want to Kiss one of the Characters




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