MnMReadathon readign week with read a thon

A family friendly read a thon for ALL ages!

The Read a thon will be held

Next Monday 24th-November 29th, 2014

  • Daily book recommendations
  • Weekly challenges including photo challenges, page count challenges & more
  • Fun & interactive 2-3 Twitter Sprints
  • Inspiring Reading Stories from people like you, including authors?
  • Games!

Share your reading goals through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or make a video and post your reading goals — or post on a favorite social media of your choice

All you need is a book and a phone or internet connection!

There is no book count goal, except to read as much as you possibly can on your free time!


  • Read a chapter book
  • Read a comic book or graphic novel
  • Read the shortest book you ever read
  • read from a genre you’ve never read from before
  • Read the longest book you ever read
  • Read something that isn’t a book
  • read a scary book
  • Read a book that you don’t have to read for school



Favorite Genres of books:

TBR (To be Read List):

Will you be sharing your challenge and reading updates via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or something else? (PS! We love connecting through new kinds of social media!)

What book are you most looking forward to reading?

Is this your first read-a-thon? If not, which did you participate in before and why have you decided to participate this year?



If you’re a blogger or booktuber don’t forget to sign up above to be added to the participants list!



I’m participating in the #MMReadingWeek read-a-thon! Follow me in Twitter/Instagram for all my photos, games & fun updates! #MnMReadAThon


THE Official BINGO Game for the Read-a-thon

Bingo game MM Read a Thon


Complete participation list will be posted on this page!

You must sign up by Sunday November 23rd NOON to be on the Official Participants list.

Follow the Twitter Sprints here:

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