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If you have read a book (or graphic novel or comic book) at anytime in your life and can put fingers to a keyboard, or a picture of a book onto Instagram with reasons why you liked or disliked it YOU can be a book blogger!

As an avid reader, book blogging has recently become my favorite activity on the web. And you can be a part of this interactive, lively, and enjoyable community, and, even though that’s not the end goal of all book bloggers, but if it rocks your boat, you can even make some money talking about books online.

To get started all you need is an email and a favorite blogging platform.

The three most popular are: WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr.

wordpress icon transparent  WordPress is great for all types of blogging. I love the variety of side-bar widgets it has to offer where you can link up your Twitter, GoodReads, Instagram, photo gallery, email, blog schedule, and all kinds of other stuff.

 Blblogspot iconogSpot is great for versatile, creative themes & MS Word-style post interface.

 Tutumblr iconmblr is great for posting pictures, videos, and re-blogging your friends’ posts.

Check each out and decide which you find most comfortable.

Ok, so now that you have the blog platform of your choice, let’s begin. I’ll be using examples from WordPress since it’s the one I’m currently using.

  1. Sign up for an account with a valid email address.

wordpress sign uo2. Add a profile picture as it makes you more personable. When readers visit your blog they like to see that there’s a real person behind the computer screen on that keyboard. Or, if you’re not comfortable with a photo, some bloggers put an animated picture of themselves as their profile pic.

wordpress profile photo

3. Create your first post by introducing yourself and the types of books you like to read: eg. I am Mystic, and I enjoy reading action, thriller, detective mysteries and fantasy books.

wordpress new post with text

4.Write and upload a review. I suggest you draft it on Microsoft Word or WordPad and save it. Then copy and paste it into the Textbox on WordPress, just so you don’t lose your work.

Although there are many formats, I like the BookTalk format, but you can modify it to fit your preferences:

A book talk is a promotion of a book, not just a plot summary. You will be telling us about your book in such a way that makes us, your blog audience, want to read the book.

You can copy and paste the form below and fill in the details for your review:

NOTE: this is modified from a book talk published by a teacher on her website over a year ago, don’t remember her name, but if this is your please email or comment below with the original web URL and I’ll be happy to credit you =)

  1. Title:
  2. Author:
  3. Genre: (most popular are Children’s, YA, New Adult, Contemporary, Classic, Sci-Fi fantasy, Business, Self-help, Graphic Novel)
  4. Post a picture of the book cover which you can get from
  5. An overview of the setting, characters, and plot description without giving away the ending.
  6. Give us an overview of the main character(s).
  7. Include 2 teasers. (Think about the trailers for movies; what makes you want to see a movie? They show you snippets of the best parts).
  8. Read or post 1 or 2 short excerpts from the book.
  9. Explain to whom would you recommend this book? Something like “I would recommend this book to young teens whose siblings are not always picking on them/more successful than them.” You can fill in your own reasons. Be prepared to answer questions.
  10. Provide a visual aide/prop this can be a PowerPoint, poster, a diorama, a costume, or something else you think of that has something to do with the book, it’s characters, or setting. Take a picture of it with a phone camera and upload it to your blog. Then insert it into your post. Confused?
  11. Add a rating of 1 to 5 stars indicating how well you liked, or didn’t like the book.

If you’re video blogging the review: the presentation should be between 2 and 4 minutes long, no longer, no shorter. Practice and time yourself before going on camera.

Or If you prefer a shorter review:

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Genre: (most popular are Children’s, YA, New Adult, Contemporary, Classic, Sci-Fi fantasy, Business, Self-help, Graphic Novel)
  • Post a picture of the book cover which you can get from
  • An overview of the setting, characters, and plot description with out giving away spoilers.
  • Three reasons you liked it.
  • Two reasons you didn’t.
  • And to whom would you recommend the book.
  • Add a rating of 1 to 5 stars indicating how well you liked, or didn’t like the book.
  1. Once your review is published, share it with your friends on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or a favorite social media of your choice — so that they can either read the book and you can discuss it, or if they decide the book is not for them share it with other people they think would enjoy it.

update your bookblog on facebook

YOUTUBERS: If you already have a YouTube channel and want to post videos on a blog — I’d suggest starting with any of the three blogging sites above.

Next, create a new post and insert or embed the URL of the video you want to post.

newpost embed new media

wordpress add media url

Publish your entry and voila! You just created a blog to accompany your Youtube channel.

Also, tips from some experienced book bloggers:

“When you start your blog, make sure to reach out to other bloggers by commenting on their sites and striking up conversations on Twitter. My follower count went up as soon as I made a habit of stopping by new blogs, and more importantly, I’ve formed and maintained some amazing blogging friendships through regular commenting and conversing. ” – Emily @ Forever Literary & LitUp Reviews

“Be yourself. Don’t try to imitate others or fake your feelings. When writing reviews be honest and sincere, even if you feel like you’re the only one with that opinion! You may be surprised to find that others feel the same way — I know I have!” – Emily @ Books and Cleverness

“If I would add anything I’d mention how enjoyable it is to discuss books with the blogging community.  I am always meeting new bloggers and learning about new books. I also enjoy reading different perspectives on the books I read.  ” – Savvy @ Savvy Working Gal

“Tagging on your post and categorizing your posts also help to make your blog searchable on the internet and make your blog easier to navigate!” – Ashley @ Falling Down the Book Hole

These girls are great =) Please go check out their blogs!

Email or tweet me if you have any trouble! I don’t mind emails, however, if you’re currently working on your blog and need  immediate help tweeting gets to me a lot faster. 




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