#AWritersChallenge – 30-Day Blogging Challenge

For the month of July I’ve created a writing challenge, called 30-Day Writer Blogging Challenge. You are free to take on the challenge for the month of July on your blog, or you can join me this month. I thought it would be a great way to introduce my writing style, habits, and share with other writers out there.

If you want to participate use the hashtag #AWritersChallenge on Twitter, Instagram or your favorite social media. The prompts are designed to help your pull from the experiences that made you a writer. They may even help you find new ideas for your writing project!  You do not have to be writing a novel to take part. It can be any writing project of your choice, from fiction and fantasy, to nonfiction memoir, or entirely nonfiction book.

I’m so excited to see what you guys will be blogging! If you will be participating please leave me a comment below and a link to your blog! I would love to check it out!


a writer's challenge

Day 1

Introduce Yourself!

What is your name (real name, or writing pen name if you like,) the type of fiction or writing you like to write: genre, format (prose, novel, poetry, essay)

Day 2

Your Favorite Quote

What is your favorite writing quote? Explain why you chose this quote. Does it inspire you to write? Is this the reason you are a writer? What about the author makes this quote special to you as a writer?

Day 3

Favorite Way to Plot

What is your favorite way to plot the series of events in your writing? Do you outline, storyboard, draw, make lists, move the story along by the motive of a character? Or make it up entirely as you go along?

Day 4

Your Dream Job

If you could have the dream writing job of your choice, where you could do any kind of writing your want and get paid for it, which would it be?

Day 5

Your Proudest Moment as a Writer

What was your proudest, or happiest moment as a writer? Did you win an award? Complete a certain word count? Show it to your friends and family, or get published? Get rave reviews?

Day 6

We all have our weaknesses. What are you most afraid of when it comes to writing?

Day 7

Your 5 Favorite Writing Songs

What are the top 5 songs that you play while you’re writing or that pump you up to write? What about your favorite songs where you get inspiration or story ideas for your writing?

Day 8

What’s in your Bag/Wallet?

This may look a little off-topic, but every writer writes when the muse hits her! Are there any tools in your carry-on bag or wallet that you can pull out anytime you get a great story or writing idea?

Day 9

Best Trip of Your Life

What was the best trip or vacation or travel that you had in your life? Hawaii? Polynesia? South Africa? France?

Day 10

10 Favorite Foods

Writers need good brains and good food to feed their great ideas. What are your top 10 favorite foods that you eat the days your are writing?

Day 11

We all have that one book that made us love reading. What was your favorite childhood book? Where did you find it? Did someone recommend it to you?

Day 12

5 Types of Books You’ll Never Write

What are 5 types of books or genres you will never write for?

Day 13

5 Healthy Writing Habits

Sometimes we churn out 5,000 a day, other times barely 100. Sometimes we’re excited what’s new for our characters, other times we get writer’s block and don’t know where our story is going! Let’s look at the positives. Tell us your BEST writing habits that usually produce your best work.

Day 15

Your Thoughts on Education as a Writer

What do you think abut the education you received as a writer? Would you have done it any other way? Would you seek out specific teachers?

Day 16

Your Worst Writing Habits

What are the top 5 worst things you do as a writer that you want to get rid of and would never hope for any other writer to have?

Day 17

If you won the lottery…

This may spark a writing idea! You can write about a fictional character in your story or talk about what you yourself would do if you won the lottery! Would you buy ___? would you spend it on the needy? Would you split it with your friends and family?

Day 18

Top 5 Love Interests

Romance is in the plot of almost every good story from Shakespeare to The Hunger Games. What attracts you in love, real or fictional? You may also choose one of your own characters. Feel free to include photos of celebrities you like and tell is what is attractive about that person for you or your character.

Day 19

Your Hidden Writing Talent few people can do or even know about

What as a writer is your best kept secret? What can you do that no one else can? Are you a great plotter designer? Creative with word usage and language? Writing unforgettable characters or love stories? It’s not bragging! –maybe we can learn a thing or two!

Day 20   Your Earliest Childhood Memory

What’s the first thing you remember as a toddler or child? It can be a happy memory or sad one, or an accident all together!

Day 21   Where will you be in 5 years?

As a writer, where do you see yourself in 5 years? 2 books published and a manuscript in queue? Or trudging along to write the greatest story ever told?

Day 22   Someone who fascinates you and why

Writers are often inspired by other people celebrities or people they’ve met in real life and often their quirks or personalities make it to the pages of our stories. Write about a person that fascinates you and why.

Day 23   Your views on religion

Religion or any set of belief system plays a role in how we writers writer. How do you view religion? If you’re not a particularly religious person, talk about your philosophy of life.  Do any of your characters have similar belief systems? Does it bring them joy or sadness? Success or failure?

Day 24   Favorite way to introduce a character

What is your favorite way to introduce a new character in your writing?

Day 25   One of your Favorite TV Shows (or Movies!)

Talk about one of your favorite TV Shows or movies and what about the story-line or characters do you love so much?

Day 26   Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

The world is an endless bounty of great places to see and experience. What is one place you haven’t gone yet but would love to go? What places would you visit when you got there? Also, think about who you would go with.

Day 27   Have you changed as a writer in the past 2 years? Or, if you’re new to writing, why did you start writing?

Tell us about how you’ve seen yourself change in the past 2 years. If you just started writing as, what gave you the spark to take the leap?

Day 28   Favorite Ways to Kill off a Character

James Dashner (writer of the Maze Runner series) says that killing of characters is one of the most fun tasks as a writer and recommends other writers to try it! What are your favorite ways to remove a character from the story? Or kill him off altogether?

Day 29   Plan for the next 30 days

In your writing life what will you be doing for the next 30 days? Editing your novel? Starting a new project? Catching up on this month’s writing project?

Day 30   The Future for your Writing Projects

The bright future lies ahead! Where do you see yourself as a writer in the future? It could be tomorrow, 3 months, or 25 years in the future. You decided the time span!

I hope you like the topics! Feel free to modify the topics to suit your blogging style or revisit this page if you need to refresh your mind on what to write.  You can schedule your blog posts or write and post them the same day.

This is the first year I’m doing this, so please don’t hesitant to let me know what you think about this challenge for writers! You can leave me a comment below or tweet me at @EmancipatedMimi


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