Book Rating System

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Mariam aka MiMi’s Book Rating System

In general, I think a good book is a book that you enjoy. It’s honest, age-appropriate, and creates tolerance and respect for other people.

What I love about Booktube and online book reviews is that every book reviewer has their own style! I am a fan of the hit TV Series Gilmore Girls and I LOVE coffee. Sooo the system I decided on to rate the books I read is based on Luke’s Coffee. Those of you who have watched the show know that Luke’s is the diner where Lorelei and Rory Gilmore catch burgers, dates, coffee and catch up with the other kooky, yet lovable people of Stars Hollow.

I tend to rate on:

  • language style
  • pace
  • story
  • believable characters
  • vocabulary/lexile level.

I will elaborate more in my reviews, but my overall rating system is below!

5 Cups of Coffee – Brilliant! Going on my favorites shelf! Recommend you to read it : )

4 Cups of Coffee – Awesome! Some meh parts, but once you’re through with those you are rewarded with an overall great book.

3 Cups of Coffee – Meh. I’m torn. Recommended for people who love this series, author or type of book.

2 Cups of Coffee– Wack. Not worth the time.

1 Cups of Coffee – Couldn’t finish it or I’m wondering why this book was ever put on the shelf at a bookstore. For author’s: second time’s a charm!

NOTE TO AUTHORS: If I rate your book in a way you do not like, please know that respect you and appreciate your hard work. These are my opinions, and I only state my opinion because I want to read good books, and I want good books for my kids so I offer my remarks in the most honest and respectful way possible and sincerely want you to keep writing and put out amazing stuff. Thanks for understanding!!

Peace and respect,

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Mariam aka MiMi


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