Harry Potter’s Race Problem Masterlist

Lots of discussion has been happening online about the problem of Harry Potter, the books and movies, 20 years later.  That of race.  Out of all the characters in Harry Potter portrayed in the movies, less than 20% of them are people of color.  In one case, Lavender Brown is cited to have been black in first two movies, and white in the films.


The above is an excel sheet I drew up to get a visual of the problem for myself.  Please @ me on Twitter if you’d like to be added to this spreadsheet on Google.

So, there’s a large and obvious gap in the number of POC (people of color) portrayed versus the inordinate number of white people portrayed in the movies.  This is problematic in a number of ways:

  1. erasure
  2. lack of representation
  3. false picture of what the world (and wizarding world) is like race-wise

This is a long and complex topic, one I cannot possibly discuss and do it justice on this blog.  However, many people have written about it, and I wanted to share those posts for those who are interested in reading more about it.

This post will be updated as more is written or found on this topic, so you may bookmark it and refer back to it later if you need.  If you have any race-related Harry Potter posts, articles, or blogs you’ve read, please leave them in the comments below or @ me on Twitter.

My Fave is Problematic – Harry Potter



Harry Potter and the Invisible People of Color



About that White as a Default Thing



If White Characters Were Described Like People of Color


On Reddit: Racial Representation in Harry Potter

On Tumblr:

Pottercolours – http://pottercolours.tumblr.com/

Please feel free to add articles or blog posts you’ve found down in the comments sections.




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