Wheel of Time Commentaries #2 | M&M Mariam

The journey continues, albeit a little late, the Wheel of Time Commentaries by The Woman.

These are commentaries on Rand’s story, the Dragon Reborn, by the woman who knew him best.


Robert Jordan started writing the history of my dear Rand el’Thor, The Dragon, in 1990 AD. Brandon Sanderson finished the 14-volume work after Jordan’s sadly early demise. I found their work comprehensive and thoughtful, however, I noticed after I read all the volumes, it is missing some crucial details known to me alone, told to me by Rand in his waning years. For the fair telling of his heroic tale, I decided to provide my commentary from whence Rand re-told me his journey as the Dragon before his death. Many thanks to Elesmere Publishers for putting these into print. Please support these great historians.

The Woman

January, 2016 | Ghealdan

Chapters 7-11

Always the protective fellow, Rand, at first, was reluctant to take Egwene along. He cared for her quite a bit. He thought she was beautiful, and kind, and like him, she had a love for adventure. She wanted to be trained at Tar Valon in the powers of the Wisdom, and she was willing to hike up her skirts, ride a horse through a seemingly endless night, the threat of Trollocs upon them, to get there and learn the magical arts of the Wisdom.  But there was little Rand could do to dissuade her, for he knew in the pit of his soul, the call of adventure, the tingle of mysterious new lands, was singing in his flesh. He was afraid for his friends, Mat, Perrin, and the accompanying Gleeman, Thom, and he was unsure whether to trust Moiraine, the Aes Sedai, but he was distressed by his father’s illness, and if it wanted to stay alive – Moiraine and her bonded ward, Lan, were his only hope for safety.  So through the night they rode, and bribed the Ferry Master with a sack of gold to tread them and their sturdy, shining horses across the Terry river – still under the threat of the ill-omened raven. He was at a complete loss to know what lay ahead, but he tread onward. Egwere and his two friends were with him; whatever shadows they encountered, they would face them together.





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