Wheel of Time Commentaries – #1 | M&M Mariam

These are commentaries on Rand’s story, the Dragon Reborn, by the woman who knew him best.

eye of the world jordan

Robert Jordan started writing the history of my dear Rand el’Thor, The Dragon, in 1990 AD. Brandon Sanderson finished the 14-volume work after Jordan’s sadly early demise. I found their work comprehensive and thoughtful, however, I noticed after I read all the volumes, it is missing some crucial details known to me alone, told to me by Rand in his waning years. For the fair telling of his heroic tale, I decided to provide my commentary from whence Rand re-told me his journey as the Dragon before his death. Many thanks to Elesmere Publishers for putting these into print. Please support these great historians.

The Woman

January, 2016



Commentaries on Chapters 1-6

Rand was always a curious, pensive man. He admired skill and had a heart for adventure. However, his curiosity often led him to dangers which shook his foundations and long held beliefs. When he heard his father mutter strange things about his history as a child found during the war, and ran through the forest to bring him safely to the Winespring, his very sense of self was questioned. When Moiraine told him and his two friends the Trollocs and Fade were after him, he mused perhaps there was something unusual about him. Perhaps he wasn’t just the son of a farmer. A farmer, who happened to have a sword meant to kill creatures of the night. A sword he never knew his father had. He also did not wish to leave the only home he’d ever known, but if it meant his father’s safety — he could not think how Tam, his father, would react knowing he was under siege by the trolls that burnt his farm and his two friends’. But against the wind he trod, perhaps he could make a better future for them both. His heart full of hope.




2 thoughts on “Wheel of Time Commentaries – #1 | M&M Mariam

    • Thanks! Sorry for the late response I’ve been so bad at blogging early this year. I’m stuck on a few series I’m really into right now. the series isn’t meant to be a summary since I’m not good at those, but simply a female’s response to Rand’s adventure. I’m writing it as I go. Thanks for commenting, it was lovely to hear a reader’s response!


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