App Review: VIBBIDI for YouTubers, Bloggers, and Content-Creators | M&M Mariam

vibbidiThis week I had the opportunity to review a new video-making app for Instagram, called VIBBIDI.

I’ve filmed about 6 fifteen-second videos on Instagram. I’ve always found Instagram videos far more useful for me as a blogger and content-creator, than Vine (which has a 6-second limit), however, I found the built-in video making feature in Instagram, decent, but not always fun to use.

I was excited when the founder of the app selected me to test out their new app, VIBBIDI. It’s great for people who want to share moments and new content through short videos. And it’s quite simple to use! I’ll walk you through downloading it for the first time, and offer some uses for bloggers and YouTubers at the end.

After you download the app from app store, log in with either your Instagram or Facebook account.  If you don’t want to use Facebook, you can simply log in through Instagram.  The app will not upload any videos until you tell it to.

In the settings you can adjust how you want your timeline video play: autoplay, autoplay on Wi-Fi only, or always manual play. This is for new videos other VIBBIDI users upload. If you don’t want to see other VIBBIDI videos at the time, and just want to create videos for your IG account, go ahead and choose “always manual play” and you can browse videos at your leisure when you have time.

Like Instagram, VIBBIDI has 5 icons on the bottom of the home screen:


home,    search,    record,    activity,    and    profile.

When you log in with Instagram, which is how I logged in, your profile pic and username is imported. You can choose your email address and password when you log onto VIBBIDI in the app for the first time.

For some reason, my app auto crashed 2x before I got a chance to film a video, so the next time I logged in, I clicked on the “user” icon, bypassed the new videos feed, and headed to my profile page and uploaded my first video.

The app comes with the options of creating 12-second or 27-second clips (remember, Instagram captures only 15-sec film clips!)

You can add twelve 1-second clips, six 2-seconds clips, one 12-seconds clip, or one 27-seconds clip. A 12-seconds clip takes about 1-min to upload to Instagram.


You can add music from your iTunes library, choose audio only, or choose both. No audio, is apparently not an option, so I don’t see users being able to upload a picture slideshow or removing the audio. You can only upload videos already stored on your phone.

As far as editing tools go, you can choose from 13 filters. You can choose the part of the video you want to use in your clip. You can also modify the video’s contrast, saturation, temperature, highlights, create a vignette, add shadows, or sharpen the image.


Finally, you can share your video via your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account. Let me break down my most liked and least liked parts of the app:


  • Easy upload-to-Instagram
  • Automatically saves video on your phone storage once you’re done and have clicked “share”
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can keep or remove the end “title” frame of video. Just be careful and don’t do what I did if you want to keep the end title frame — if you don’t upload straight from the app, the title frame may get cut off when you upload to Instagram.



  • No option for silence in the background of video. You must have video audio or music.
  • No option to create picture slideshows
  • Video capture not an option. Perhaps a video capture option in the app would be nice, so users can film straight from the app instead of uploading videos into the app from their phone

Overall, I found the app easy to use. It’s interface is similar to Instagram, which makes the icons easy to read. I think it is ideal for content-creators to create short preview clips of longer videos they upload to YouTube (like booktubers!). VIBBIDI can also be used to make short announcements for upcoming blog tours, new videos on your channel, new blog or channel features, readathons, or giveaways.

I will be using the app for some upcoming Instagram videos. As a forethought – I would like to know what the app’s capabilities are of capturing and uploading short game-play clips, as it’s something I might like to do in the future! I was on the fence about the rating, and was going to give VIBBIDI a 3.5 stars, simply because you can’t upload picture slideshows or mute audio, however the ease of use made me bump it up to 4 stars out of 5.

That’s all I have for now! If you decide to download the app, please let me know what you think of it. =) I’m @MariWriting on VIBBIDI. Thanks for reading. Take care and have a great weekend!!!




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