The Art of Creativity: Part 1

The artist who create Princess Zelda for the Hyrule video games brought together just the right amount of beauty, grace, and strength with his drawing pencil.

The artist who created Princess Zelda for the Hyrule video games brought together just the right amount of beauty, grace, and strength when drawing this princess.

Hi all! Hope you’re doing great =) It’s been some time since I posted, but I’ve got something new and exciting to share with you today.

Over the month of July, I’ve been putting a lot of thought to what makes us creative —especially in the internet age. I’ve been playing a lot of Sim City in my free time, adding new buildings to make my city look pretty and rural, fast and futuristic, or sky-reaching and urban. I’ve noticed that the pressure to create something brand new is greater today in the Youtube/Blog age (post 2002) more than ever. Everyday home-grown artists put up photography, fan art, original drawings, films, stories, novels, and more on their social media like Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, and Deviant Art the whole world can see the exact minute it’s posted. What works to spark inspiration to the creative mind to create new things today?

This month a creative writing organization is hosting their annual 30 days of writing write-a-thon, something I would like to participate in, but can’t, due to my schedule this month. However I did want to talk about creativity on my blog and wanted to invite you in on the discussion.

Personally, I get ideas from books, television, movies, films, video games, scenery, books and films in different languages, architecture, music, memes, GIFS, and quotes — almost anywhere! I keep a notebook, rather notebooks, where I jot down ideas when I get them, to use later in my stories or novels. Sometimes I re-write a scene from a favorite TV Show to get ideas for my own artwork, I even play video games to get story ideas.

What about you? If you are a writer or creative person, where do you get ideas for your art to make it new? Does it matter if it’s new? Or just that it is unique because it comes from you? What makes your art creative?

I would love to hear your thoughts, and perhaps start a discussion down below — this will then serve the base of my upcoming posts! So I’ll be waiting to hear from you and hopefully you’ll see more posts on creativity ongoing this month! Meanwhile, have a great Wednesday.


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