Summer Reading Plans – Have you made yours yet?

readign adn the puruist of happiness quote

Reading is by far the most successful pursuit of happiness.

I saw this quote on Instagram as I was looking under the hashtag #reading, and it’s not a overstatement for me to say reading is the true source of my happiness at many times during my work week and play week!

So I decided…

What better way to goal-set for the summer than start with my reading goals?

As always in Florida, this will be a hot summer. Ramadan is also falling toward mid-June, and that leaves lots of free time for reading as I wont be eating during the day!

For the next three months (June, July, and August) I will be getting serious about tackling my hefty 111-books strong TBR pile. It’s not the only way to reduce and enjoy all the books on your To Be Read pile, (or like me, tbr SHELF!) but a BookTube-based hashtag created by a few booktubers: #0by16 is goal to read ALL the books on your TBR (To Be Read) list by 2016. I will be hitting it pretty hard this summer!

As far as the goal to make my blog bilingual, I am still waiting to here from you all — what do you think about bilingual blogs? Check out the post here, if you’re into languages!

Now it’s your turn! Got anything special planned for this summer? Will you be participating in any read-a-thons or read-a-longs or reading challenges? What does your reading look like for the next three months? I would love to hear your reading plans in the comments below!

Meanwhile, catch you all later and have AWESOME Wednesday!


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