Am I going to become a Bilingual Book blogger?

Books in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, & French

Books in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, & French

I’ve been toying with the idea of plunging into the world of blogging bilingually — and since I love reading books, I decided why not blog about books in Arabic, Spanish, French or CHINESE?!?! I blogged bilingually a little earlier in October last year.   However, I wanted to take it a step further, and I thought why not take the leap and turn this into a bilingual Book Blog!

There are many benefits blogging in different languages! For one, it helps you forge relationships with other people of different cultures and backgrounds (one word can open up people’s hearts!), you gain an increased cultural sensitivity and a greater understanding of the English language — you can even have secret conversations other people don’t understand! (haha 🙂

the book diverfent

As far as holding two languages, goes, as long as it’s done right, it does not have to take away from the dominant language — which, for me, is English. Bilingual speakers can deal with distractions better, have increased verbal abilities, and divergent thinking and reasoning. And further, learning languages and reading books in different languages can be FUN — it all depends on your approach to the language!

Today, it’s easier than ever to blog bilingually as long as you are familiar with the language, or like me, with its grammar, you can use Google translate to fill in the words or phrases you can’t come up with on your own. However, it’ll inevitably mean more work on the part of the blogger. I’ve come up with some considerations before undertaking this journey:

Things to Think About:

  • If I post something I will have to provide a translation in the English language since that is my primary language and it is the primary language of my readers — which means more work: will I be able to cope with the extra work load with my other responsibilities?
  • Book choices and translations of book consideration. Which books will I review? In Spanish? In Urdu/Hindi? In Chinese? in Arabic?
  • Will different languages be limited to certain genres of books, like for example, fiction for Spanish, and philosophy for Arabic?
  • When will I review books? Weekly, three times a week? Also, how long will it take to read and review each book?
  • What language should I primarily think in before I compose a sentence to write?
  • Which language or languages will I blog in? Spanish | Hindi\Urdu | Arabic | English | Mandarin Chinese | French?
  • Will ALL posts be bilingual or a few select ones? Will only the books written in different languages be bilingual reviews? Or will I review Spanish books, for example, in the English language?

Also I have to consider my strength in each of the languages and my limitations:

So far I can read in Arabic, English, Spanish. I can write in Arabic and English. I understand English, Urdu, Arabic and some Spanish. And finally, the language I can speak is English.

As far as French and Mandarin Chinese go I have no real experience with them, except English root words, and emoji keyboard). I may decide to pick up these languages when I’m comfortable with the first two.

As I’m deciding whether or not to go bilingual with my blog, I put the above together to ponder before I take the leap.   Feel free to comment and add to my list above, and perhaps consider the following questions:


  • What do you think about Bilingual Book Blogging?
  • Have you done it? If not, would you like to blog about books in different languages in the future?
  • Do you read books in different languages? How do you feel about reviewing books in different languages (other than English)?

I also started a Twitter handle where we can have conversations, if you would like to discuss this idea with me or each other. You can use the questions above to start a discussion on Twitter and I will re-tweet your question or response!


In attempting this great feat, I’ll be challenging myself a bit. Perhaps it will even motivate me to post more reviews on this blog. However, at the end of the day, life is about relationships and if reading and writing in different languages brings us closer together as a human race, that’s the beautiful end goal!

If you like this post, please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and your choice of social media and let’s start a discussion in the comments below. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you all later =)

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