My YA Bookish Sports Team – A to Z Blogging Challenge

I saw this topic on the blog The Perks of Being a Book Girl, whose blog I follow. I loved the idea, and so I decided to make my own response as part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge this month. Today is the 5th, Sundays are supposed to be off, so I will write an entry for yesterday’s letter which is: D. It doesn’t fit in with my A to Z theme overtly, which is Shakespeare Now and Before, however my sport is a magical sport, and Shakespeare’s play first published in 1600, A Midsummer Night’s Dream contains lots of magical creatures like fairies and enchanted forests, and mythological Queen of the Amazon.  It’s one of my favorite Shakespeare plays.

for the DREAM Sports Teams.

hhp and the sorcere's stone

I’ve dabbled in softball, aggressive inline skating, soccer, and baseball.

For my dream sports team, the sport, however, that I choose is Quidditch. I’ve learned sadly, I’m not coordinated as a dancer nor a sports player – though I’ll join in the fun if my friends are playing. At the same time, no sport can beat Quidditch because you can FLY while you’re playing it! What could be better?

So, on my team will be:

Seeker: Harry Potter

Who else, but Quidditch captain and best seeker of his years at Hogwarts?

quiddith fred and geroge

Beaters: Fred and George

I’ll need a few people to get keep me laughing during those stressful practices. And they’re awesome at making me laugh. I’d also rather not get “bludgered” off my broom during the game. That would hospitalize this little old body. And I’d have to stop playing and leave the team.

Chasers: myself, Angelina Johnson, Ginny Weasley

Angelina is one determined, badass African American girl, and she’s very focused! Ginny’s fierce, and a Quidditch gem.

Keeper: Ron Weasley

Ron’s got a big heart, and a determination to succeed. And I believe he can do it! Weasley is our king.

Eragon_book_cove omg yathe chosen

I decided to stick with Harry Potter characters since I’ve never seen or read about any other of my fave characters play Quidditch! However, Danny from The Chosen by Chiam Potok would be a close second for Beater, since he’s a fast pitcher in baseball! And I’ll add Eragon as alternative chaser, because he is a flying beast on his dragon Saphira. Arya, the bright elf, also from Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini) would also be a second for beater since she’s super mad talented with the sword.  If she can parry with and kill a dozen Urgals with her sword, she’d probably make a great beater.

Dream Opponent

slyterhin chrest

My dream opponent would be Slytherin. Sometimes, if you can’t beat the “entitled” ones at any given moment in life, you’ve gotta show them you can beat them on the field! =)

I am secretly wanting to get my hands on The Hogwarts Library book set, or the two books I’m still missing The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Quidditch Through the Ages.

I hope you enjoyed my first A to Z Challenge post also I hope your challenge is going great! Have you considered putting together your own bookish sports team?

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