This Week is School Choice Week! Parents decide, kids dance :)

school chocie week

This week is School Choice Week! I have been seeing ads online everywhere — YouTube, blogs, and Goodreads! I spoke to a representative about this last month when I visited the website and said I would write about it on my blog. I think this is a fabulous idea! I spent my entire education in public schools. I’ve worked in independent schools my whole career. I like working for independent schools, and wouldn’t mind working for public schools either at some point in my life.

I wholly support the right for parents to choose their child’s school. Florida, the state where I live, is quite supportive of school choice. I’ve heard pros and cons from students and parents of alternative schooling options, but I’ve discovered the happiest families are the ones who consciously choose the school to place their kids, and can make a change if it’s not a good fit for their kid.

Some parents are not comfortable with the Common Core standards required in public schools. I made a video a few months ago giving a little background and discussing my thoughts and inviting you to the conversation:

My thoughts for parents when deciding which school to place your child:

  1. DO your homework. Like high school seniors and juniors typically visit college campuses before deciding which schools to apply for, take a tour of the campus and meet a few teachers. I visited Florida State University when I was in 10th grade, as well as University of Florida and University of Tampa. If I were a parent, I would go to the school, ask them about concerns that affect your child whether that is special needs (gifted, reading, math skills, attention, kinesthetic needs) or academic rigor, whatever else is important to you.
  2. Remember that putting your kid in a school doesn’t mean you drop them off, and leave the rest up to the admin and teachers.  I advise my kids’ parents  to HELP your child with their homework and keep in touch with the teacher throughout the school year.
  3. PLACE your kids in 1 or 2 extracurricular activities inside or outside of the school to develop their non-academic skills. Suggested sports (soccer, baseball, gymnastics), chess, coding, art, etc — whatever tickles your child’s fancy outside of school!

As far as the week goes, it runs from January 25-January 31st. There is even a yellow scarf, and cute dance kids can learn to support SCHOOL CHOICE!

Here is a link to the website:

Please check it out and donate to support it financially if you are able and want to give to a good cause!

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