FEBRUARY is happening and it’s going to be great!

Good morning bloggers & readers!

Today is Monday, and it’s been a great Monday for me so far!

A lot of exciting stuff is happening for the month of February.

In case you’re wondering, I am not skipping Making Up for Monday! Today’s topic is the number of books you own! I just cleaned up my shelves and re-organized them after a library sale haul. They’re looking pretty good, but I’m still working on polishing them =)

I have books in my room, and my family’s multi-purpose garage. Three shelves in my garage and 3 in my room.

expedit smaller

I decided just to count the ones in my room because half of the books in my garage shelf are either textbooks, or owned by my brother or sisters.  I have smaller versions of the shelves like the IKEA Expedit with 8 holes instead of 12 like the one above. I also have a small 3-shelf bookcase I brought for my classroom a few years ago.  And all my books fit, but it’s a tight squeeze! My shelves have books in the front AND back.  These are as many as I could get to!

::drum roll please::

Not counting library books, I have:


books on my bookshelf by zelda


There’s less than a week away before the month of Valentine’s day! I’m looking forward to a couple of things, including a Mental Health Awareness read-a-long which I’ll be posting more information about later on. The week will start around February 22nd, so there is still time.

year of cosmere gra[hoc

what a fabulous graphic for the books!

Aside from practicing getting better at book photography on my Instagram with a photo challenge, I decided to join the #YearOfCosmere. A year of reading Brandon Sanderson books. He is a contemporary science-fiction and fantasy author. I recently watched an interview with him, Christopher Paolini, and James Dashner. I really liked Eragon by Christopher Paolini and am planning on finishing the series this winter season. I think James Dashner is a lovely person and I like his subtle jokes. And Brandon Sanderson, a professor at Brigham Young is quite down to earth, nerdy, smart, good-hearted, and an avid-writer. I’m looking forward to start reading his books.

The books for #YearOfCosmere will include Brandon Sanderson’s novels, novellas, and short stories — as well as a new book he is releasing this year in July. There are a bunch of BookTubers hosting the event with a new book each month.  I will leave the schedule below.

I’m looking forward to the Cosmere 101 video, Goodreads discussions, and Liveshow discussion.

You can follow my updates on my instagram: @perfecshunist & Twitter: @emancipatedmimi

Twitter / https://twitter.com/YearofCosmere
Hashtag / #YearofCosmere
Goodreads Group / https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/…

The Books and Hosts
February / The Final Empire
March / The Well of Ascension
April / The Hero of Ages
May / Elantris and the Emperor’s Soul
June / The Rithmatist and Steelheart
July / The Way of Kings
August / Warbreaker
September / Words of Radiance
October / The Alloy of Law
November / Shadows of Self
December / Novellas, Short Fiction, and Overall Catch Up Month
January 2016 / Liveshow Discussion of the Cosmere!

Finally, I was just approved for two NetGalley books which I’m SUPER Excited about! And I’m behind on reviews, but February will be a great month to catch up! What read-alongs / read-a-thons are you participating in for the month of February?? Let me know down below.  Meanwhile,  I hope you are all doing well. Have a great Monday!

Peace, Love, and Respect,

Mariam Mimi


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