Books that Made me Shiver like I was Frozen | Top 3 Thursdays | M&M Mariam

Hellllo and happy Thursday!!!

I’m here today for another Top 3 Thursdays! This week’s topic is Made you Shiver like You Were Almost Frozen.


Tide of Terror – Vampirates Book 2 by Justin Somper

vampirates tide of terror

At first I couldn’t think of books on this topic, but then I remembered anything with Vampires in it, made me feel cold because vampires are cold to the touch because they are usually bloodless and soulless like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or The Vampire Diaries.  So, I remembered a book a read a few years ago, called Tide of Terror which is book 2 in the Vampirates Series.  A book about a twin brother and sister who get separated and end up on two different pirate ships — but these are not ordinary pirates — they are vampires and can kill you by sucking your blood! They both end up on this island where there is a school to become trained as demon hunters.  Not just the cover, but the whole night-time scenes in this book made me cold, and shiver.  It had this atmosphere or being chilly, empty, cold.

Disney’s Frozen – (The Snow Queen by Hans Christain Anderson)

frozen movie

Naturally, I will chose Frozen – the Disney movie about Elsa, the queen to be, and Ana her playful and brave younger sister.  I found it so cool that Elsa could made snowmen and castles out of icicles like I do at the beach down here in Florida! I have a sister who’s close to my age so I just love the closeness of the two sisters as my sister and I are very close.  Elsa turns her heart off to her younger sister but its Ana who eventually comes to here rescue! I also think Olaf is funny and adorable!


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

castching fir4e book

President Snow, makes me shiver a little. Or, rather,  A LOT. Especially in Catching Fire when he snows up at poor Katniss’s own home dressed in white, and coerces, or forces, her to compete in a second hunger games — making her choose between death, or her family all to get what he selfishly wants.  His hair is snow, his clothes are white, and his heart is nothing but heartlessly cold.  That moment, when he touched that snow globe, left Katniss with an ultimatum, and disappeared convinced me of it.

I didn’t think I’d be any good at this prompt at first, but I loved putting this list together and pretty happy with my list! What are books, movies, or other stories that made you feel SHIVERY? Leave your comments before and I’ll be happy to read and respond. Let’s discuss! I love to read and share!!

Also, I participated in the Read Your Bookshelf Read-a-thon (#RYBSAT) this week and will have my final update on my channel tomorrow.  Further, I did my Top 5 Wednesday list of Authors I Would Like to Meet there as well  & I will leave the video below. Have a great week and happy reading!


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