The Future of my Blog & BBWM Wrap-up | M&M Mariam | #BookBlogWriMo #29 & #30

The day has come for me to, sadly, end BookBlogWriMo for this year however there is a rainbow after this grey sky!

I had truly a wonderful time participating in this blog-every-day challenge.  I’ve done far better with this one than NaBloPoMo, which I tried back in September.  I talk a little more about my experience on my YouTube channel:

In summary, it was a growing experience for me.  I learned, even though I’m a natural born writer, blogging every day is tough! Some days I didn’t post because I was lazy, other days were too busy for me to find time to post.  Most of my blog posts took me 1 hour to write, because I wanted to put something out there that was thoughtful and enjoyable. I ended up combining some posts and omitted some, like TBR lists and my Best of 2014 which I’ll be filming for my channel before the end of the year.  I learned however, even though one post took me 3-hours to do,

I CAN blog every day!

Will I do it every single month? Probably not, just because I don’t think I have something new, important, or interesting to post everyday and plus I have an Avon/Ed-Tech business to run and it can get stressful to post every day with that. Pictures, a very important part of my posts, were sometimes hard to find, also saving and uploading them to WordPress took time, but they were worth it.  I really liked how my blog posts turned out with pictures — they turned out better than the ones without pictures.  So this BBWM was empowering!  Feel free to watch the video if you want to hear more about my experiences.


Here are some of my first reviews when I first started blogging in 2002, also earlier this year when I joined Booktube & didn’t know how to work camera lighting to my advantage:

first redviews

My first children’s books reviews:

kids book reviews firat

If you’ve watched my bookish videos, you know that I don’t see my blog and YouTube channel as two separate things, I feel like my channel is an extension of my blog and vice versa.  For my blog for 2015 I plan on:

  1. Most of my book reviews will continue to be filmed for my YouTube channel, just because I feel like I can talk about the nitty-gritty, nuanced details about a book in video, rather than write dissertation or novel on my blog.  If you want written reviews leave me a comment below letting me know and I’ll try to work them in.  I recently joined NetGalley as a professional reviewer so I will be introducing new books to you all through my reviews! Look for the best books of 2014 video on my channel before the end of the year.
  2. I will be participating in Read-a-thons.  I’ll be posting my announcements on my blog, channel, and Instagram.  As far as updates go, probably via Instagram or YouTube depending on the Read a thon challenges.
  3. I am planning on creating a writing program for budding novelists, poets, or song writers.  These will be conducted online so you can participate from anywhere around the globe and I will announce it on my blog
  4. Also, I’ll be creating different posts about unschooling resources for those who are looking for alternative school options for their kids.
  5. I have decided the format I wanted my first novel to be in, an it will be available via my blog in E-Book format next month – January 2015.

So that’s it for my BookBlogWriMo wrap-up!! I’m so happy I did this and will hopefully join next year.  Those of you who are celebrating Christmas, I hope you enjoy family, friends, presents, food and all that other good stuff that comes with holidays tomorrow on your special day =)

M&M Mariam happy holidays

Last but not least, if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to vote for your favorite book blog by December 31st, at the Best of the Book Blogosphere Awards here.  You can even vote on your phone! And I’ll catch ya all later !

book blogging awards icon


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