Bookish Pet Peeves | M&M Mariam | #BookBlogWriMo #28

Afternoon all!! I’m here today with the second to last #BookBlogWriMo post.

Before I start with the post, I wanted to post an awesome video I was a part of, called BookTube Christmas Collaboration video created by Jack from his YouTube channel ReadingWithJack.  I don’t celebrate Christmas, however this video is a really wonderful and a great way to end the year on positive note.

Despite all the drama I’ve recently been introduced to on Booktube, I like that this video was a way to bring the community together and end the year with smiles.  I plan on subscribing to all the Booktubers in this video =)

Now onto my bookish pet peeves.  Things that bother me the most when it comes to book stereotypes and plotlines.


catching fire

I’m not a fan of copy-cat-ism. Like for example, when something is popular a writer will use the same concept just change the characters and tweak the storyline. Like for example, The Hunger Games, is a great trilogy — but recently I saw on Netflix A movie called The Starving Games. Which may be a good movie, but as a viewer or a reader I get bored with stuff that’s already been done. Lucky, for us, there’s a twist to the Starving Games — it’s supposed to be a parody to THG.

I would rather see NEW stuff than ideas that have been CLEARLY recycled.


I don’t like when authors use more words when fewer words will do.


infernal devices c clare

I don’t like when books become so popular you feel like you have to read it, but it turns out terrible for you. The good news is that MOST books that become popular, every one and their cousin, and mom is reading it — ARE good, but there will ALWAYS been those books everyone seems to like but you don’t. And it’s all a matter of taste. For example, I read the first 15 pages, but I didn’t like The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, but a lot of booktubers LOVED it, I’m still giving the Mortal Instruments Series a chance 🙂 However, I LOVED The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I’m so glad I read it — and I’ll probably fangirl over it too 🙂


stephen king carrie

I actually like religious books, like for example Carrie by Stephen King which had large religious-over lining, but everyone else seems to read everything that’s NOT religious.   I’d be curious to know why. However it drive me crazy when it’s SUPER religious that there are so many symbols I can’t understand, unless I read research paper after research paper on topic, which I could do, since I’m an English teacher, but as a casual reader, it’s not as fun to read. You would need a teacher to get through it.

the hunchback of notre dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame edged that line. But it wasn’t as inaccessible as, for example, Dante’s Inferno. I’m still willing to give the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown a try.


When authors write out of the genre they’re successful with and, sadly, suck at switching genres.

And those are all the book pet peeves I have!! I hope you enjoyed reading this short post and the Christmas collaboration video!

I will be doing my last post, a BookBlogWriMo wrap-up and the future of my blog tomorrow as well as a video! Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, don’t forget to vote for your favorite bookish blog here before the 31st. =)


2 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves | M&M Mariam | #BookBlogWriMo #28

  1. ha, the starving games? omg. I had to look that one up! thankfully it’s just a THG parody — some of it sounds silly, like the mc “kantmiss” — but with those poor ratings I bet it’s just as boring as a bad twilight parody I once read.


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