Bookish Cave Fantasies | M&M Mariam | #BookBlogWriMo #24

I’ve been excited about this post for a whole month now, ever since I saw another blogger post her response to this. In fact, that was how I discovered #BookBlogWriMo.   I tried to look for it but can’t find it again in my history.  While everyone was starting VlogMas, or BookMas, I was well into my blog/vlog every day challenge.  I came in late in November, but I’m glad I did start, and it ended up working so well with the timing.  I should meet my end mark for #BookBlogWriMo before Christmas day.

So, today I will be showing you my ULTIMATE READING CAVE — the most heavenly place where I would love to sit and read for hours!

Here goes:

A Tree House

tree house salud 1

First off, my reading cave would not be a cave at all.  It would be a TREEHOUSE! It would be a place where I could climb a set of stairs, to get away from the world, and sit high up in the tree tops with no one to disturb me where I could read for hours in peace and get caught up in a great story!

A Coffee Spot

cafe no place like home blog

It would also include a coffee spot where I could brew my own different flavors of coffee like hazelnut and mocha and refuel in between books.  Maybe it’ll even have a few pastries and berries to snack on!

A Freshen-Up Vanity

soft surroundsings love and lace blog

Not only that, but my tree-house would be ultra, super equipped with a window and vanity.  The window would be decorated with a curtain on a curved rod, and champagne colored curtains that ruffle at the bottom.  Also, I like to wear make-up just for the heck of it sometimes, even if I’m not going out.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup nowadays, but do like to put on a little powder, lipgloss, lipliner, and blush.  This window where I could look down across the endless, sweet, even magical forest, and a vanity where I could dress up a little.  This would be a tree-house fit for a princess!

A Bean Bag Chair

the green head bean bag

I’ve always loved bean bags because they’re super comfy.  But I probably wouldn’t have one like the gigantic one above — that would make me want to sleep instantly instead of enjoy a good book.  Instead I would have one like the one below:

bean bag home edit

A fluffy, cream, super super comfy bean bag is where I could read for hours.  I remember I finished reading Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and a few James Bond novels in a chair like this, but it wasn’t a bean bag, because it was all that I had at the time.  Would have LOVED a bean bag. like this.  This would definitely make it into my reading cave fantasy.

A Hammock

walyou hammock over war akkacom cdn pix

I remember seeing this circular hammock over the water on that blogger’s blog I mentioned above.  I think both these are cute, but since I like to read laying down a lot of times, I would totally dig a regular hammock held by trees:

canvas direct dorm stormer hammock

My hammock wouldn’t be on a beach,  It would look like this above on the right, but more like above a pond of water in the forest.  I’m going to stick with my forest fantasy.  I love beaches, I live in Florida, how could I not like beaches?? But I like beaches for family vacations, not for reading quietly.  Also, I couldn’t read on an island where the hot sun is beating down on me.  First, it would blind me, and second I couldn’t read because of the heat!! I am not a sun-lover.  I prefer the cold weather! So, hence, my reading cave, or treehouse, would be in the forest under the goreroges shade of trees 🙂

Funny thing is, that when I dream of what heaven is like, and I do believe in heaven, I’ll probably talk more about that in a later post or on my YouTube channel.  But when I imagine heaven, I imagine living in my own gem-encrusted castle with reading on a hammock under the shade of luscious green trees =) So, to me, this is definitely heavenly.

And that’s it!!! That’s my reading place fantasy!! If you like the stuff above let me know in the comments below and I’ll leave links to where you can get them.

This was a lovely prompt, I had a great time putting it together for you all and a big thank you to Brittany for starting this.  I’ll see you tomorrow for the another BookBlogWriMo.  I will be putting up a post on my instagram with my Winter-themed #shelfie so look out to for that.  You can follow me on Instagram here: Catch ya all later 🙂


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