Book Boyfriend Criteria | M&M Mariam | #BookBlogWriMo #23

This is going to be a pretty embarrassing blog post because I tell you all which fictional guys I think are hot, and what qualities make them attractive. It’s something that’s always been a private girl-talk type thing, but it’s fictional, fun, light-hearted, not so serious so I decided….why not!?!?

When it comes to my fictional boyfriend I’m pretty simple when it comes to habits, but a little more specific when it comes to looks. He has to have 5 important qualities:

He listens

charlie from perks

We all need different things at different times, and to navigate life, we want a partner who will listen, and not make assumptions about what we need. So, I would definitely need someone who listens.

Like, Charlie from Perks of a Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky.

He’s smart

harry ppotter oblet

My fictional boyfriend would need to use his sense to make good decisions. That doesn’t mean that he makes perfect decisions ALL the time, but he thinks before making big decisions like how to kill a bad guy like Voldemort.

For that I would choose Harry Potter — any of the book by J. K. Rowling.

He’s fun

peter pan wall paper

I like to laugh, play, and have fun like any girl. My book boyfriend would have to be able to kick it, and be spontaneous, like Peter Pan from the book by J. M. Barrie.

He’s Classy

lawrence selden

A boyfriend’s got to know how to dress. Sure he’d like his comfy pajamas, once in a while, but when he has something important to do like a meeting, work, or dinner, he knows how to dress up. He also knows to pull out chairs, and open doors for his girl.

For this I would choose Lawrence Selden from House of Mirth by Edith Wharton.

He’s Supportive

david boreanze

A good book boyfriend will support you dreams, aspirations, and what you want to achieve — whether it’s by yourself or together as a team.

For this I would choose Angel, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (specific book would be Vengeance by Dan Jolley and Scott Ciencin). He was a vampire but always supportive of Buffy’s job as a vampire slayer. Plus, he looks amazing 🙂

Perhaps, Stefan, could pass for a supportive book boyfriend too 🙂

stefan paul

Whew! That was easier than I thought. Have to admit, this was fun!! What would YOUR criteria be for a good book boyfriend?


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