Authors I’m Thankful For | M&M Mariam | #BookBlogWriMo #27

Today is BookBlogWriMo Day number — well, really, to be honest, I don’t know. Since the plan is to finish by Dec 24 (Christmas Eve to many people) — after that I’m going on vacation with my family — I’m combining a few days to keep up =)

This is #27 on the BookBlogWriMo table here.

And it is Authors I am Thankful for — whom I would sit with if I were invite them for a Thanksgiving dinner! Since all these writers are freakin’ brilliant — I would make it into a round-table discussion about good writing over Turkey and cranberry sauce.


Robert Louis Stevenson

muppet treasure island treausre island pirates of the carribean

According to my quick Google search he has published over 40 books. My two favorites are Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He is a classic American novelist whose work spawned great stories we’ve been able to enjoy through movies, TV, and even cartoons.

dr jekyll and hyde

He even trickled down into children’s cartoons like Rugrats and movies like The Muppet Treasure Island — where puppets take the roles of Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver.  There’s always some group of kids who get stuck on an Island and follow a treasure map, to discover gold and jewels under the “X” which marks the spot! Then there’s Pirate’s of the Caribbean where in one film in the series the pirates are after the treasure chest of a dead man. Finally this has been re-done in TV through an episode of Charmed. Stevenson has made this so popular the story in different forms, and keeps popping up on big and small screens! It may have a longer history, but this is as far back as my knowledge goes right. I may do some more research next year!

I would sit at a table with him and ask where he got the ideas for Dr. Jekyll, one of my favorite novels, as well as Treasure Island — a story which I love seeing on the screen.


Dianna Wynne Jones

chronicles of chrestimanci

This wonderful lady, the JK Rowling, before there was Harry Potter, writes imaginative fantasy books for kids. I did an author study on her while I was in college. I don’t like every single one of her works, but Howls Moving Castle, Archer’s Goon, and Castle in the Air would have to take top.

castle int he air

I haven’t read Castle in the Air yet, but it’s a sequel to Howls’ Moving Castle. I remember picking it up in my middle school library because the cover looked dreamy, magical with a castle floating on clouds & just overall fascinating!! In fact, it’s making my reading taste buds salivate, which sounds really gross, but it just means I really want to read it as well as the House of Many Ways — the third book in the trilogy before trilogies became so popular. So yeah, there were trilogies before Hunger Games, guys =) And I like Hunger Games, so no hate please 🙂

I would ask her where she got the idea for Howl’s and her over 30 books which take place from the lands of Chrestomanci to the world of Howl and Sophie and beyondd!!


JK Rowling

harry potter muggles live quote

The third author I would have at my table is JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. She’s one of the most famous children’s writers, and people still read the books today 7 years after the last book in the series. She’s gotten millions of kids to love reading, including my own friends. Even my high school English teacher liked the books back in 2001. And she’s taught us everything from Homer, to Shakespeare’s, to John Knowles’s a Separate Peace. So she knows good books =)

At the dinner table, I would ask her where she came up with the character of Hermione. Why did she choose to make her a main character, and two boys. Why not two girls and two boys?


Andrew Clements & Louis Sachar

holes and shaia the map rap

Andrew Clements and Louis Sachar have written books for kids that still make me, someone who’s almost 30, laugh!! Shia Labeouf, who is, along with Chrisie Carlson Romano, two of my favorite actors from Disney’s TV show Even Stevens, even starred in the movie for Holes and tons of my middle school students loved it. And I love reading them as well 🙂

Andrew Clements must have researched Geo-caching before he wrote about it in The Map Trap, which was new to me when I first learned about it. At the round table, I would ask them how they stay up to date with what’s going on the world to write stuff kids are interested in!


Stephen King

stephem king oit stephen king carrie

This guy is a freaking writing beast!! He’s written over 60 books. Several which have been made into movies like The Green Mile, It, & Carrie. He became a favorite author of mine when I was in my 20s. Around when I was 9 my cousins forced me to watch It — and I have been slightly afraid of clowns ever since. I hated the movie then because it scared the shizz out of me as a kid, but now I really look up to him for writing something so entertaining & scary. I’ve also seen the idea of this scary clown in the TV I watch like, again, Rugrats, & Doug.

rugrats nick doug the dvd

This week I watched Carrie on Netflix, and it was midnight when I first decided to play it. But I was like, oh well, I’m not going to have time tomorrow, so I just hit the play button. I really liked Carrie in the beginning of the movie, where she didn’t know where the blood on her was coming from. I really hated those mean girls for filming her with their iPhone. I thought Carrie was sweet, quiet, intelligent. I thought that she would have done more with her telekinesis like hurt that blonde popular girl Sue Snell or her brunette friend before the prom scene, but she didn’t use her powers for evil until they took it to the last frontier — humiliating her in front of the whole school.  Julianne Moore, as always, was beautiful and a fabulous actress. When she used that thread-er to poke herself at the tailors, I was sad and a little grossed out. But then again, there are still a lot religious zealous mothers, who force their teenagers to pray, and teach them then that women are naturally sinful — they may not lock them in closets with Jesus statues — but still can be VERY scary as you see in the movie.

the jesus cross from wiki

I loved Carrie in the beginning of the movie, until she destroyed her school. Which sucked for her and her friends. Did they have it coming for everything they did? Well, obviously the book is a paranormal thriller-type so she HAD to use her powers for something. But to kill them? I think they deserved it because they were just pure evil to her. They were not killer clowns, but for girls, to destroy her reputation — what could be worse in some girls’ eyes than her reputation? Still, she didn’t have the best fate at the end of the book either if you think about it. I could not go into the bathroom for a whole 2 hours after I watched that movie afraid of Carrie being there, which, I know is Bloody Mary-ish. But I really liked it overall, and I don’t know why it got 3.5 stars on Netflix, I would rate it a 5.

If I ever become a famous author I would like to enjoy Stephen King’s sheer talent and popularity.

At the Thanksgiving author round table I would ask him how does he know he’s writing a bestseller?

There are more authors I want to put on this list, some you guys might not know about, who are freaking awesome, but I’ll save those for a post next year =)

Sooo that’s it for now!! Which of your favorite authors would you invite to your dinner table at Thanksgiving? Leave your thoughts in the comments and I’ll catch you all later!


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