Book Hangovers & Cheating on Books | BookBlogWriMo # 25 & 26

I know I missed a day of #BookBlogWriMo I was busy with work!! Khayr (that’s “that’s okay” in Arabic & Urdu, similar in meaning to “I digress” with a slight variation in pronunciation. In Urdu you say “Khaaar” instead of “Khay-ur” like in the Arabic.)

So, I’m fast forwarding the topics on the list, mainly because since the year is not yet over yet, I can’t choose my favorite books of 2014. I still have a few books on my TBR to read. I also suck at TBR lists since I never stick to them, and I have some vibrant thoughts on these next two topics so I decided to do them 🙂

Today I’m here with BBWM# 25 & 26 which is Dealing with Book Hangovers & Cheating on Books: Movies & TV. I decided to combine these topics because I’ve had more experience with movie and TV hangovers than book hangovers. The book hangover I remember having is from Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High, Senior Year series which I read in high school. I was curious to know what happened to Elizabeth and Jessica as they navigated good grades, good careers, good friends and good guys in their last year of high school. Me or my sister would buy the new one as soon as it came out at my local Target or Walmart.

However I had bigger hangovers with my TV series!!

brooke langton this i sh

The first one is a short-lived show on the USA Network called The Net starring Brooke Langton, based off the movie starring Sandra Bullock about a woman whose identity was stolen. My obsession with this show was crazy, and fueled by the fact that my sister loved it too. We would rush home after a family gathering at a friend’s house to watch our recorded episode. One day, we even wanted to watch it while they were at our house — but they weren’t as into it as we were, so we turned it off and let it record. Haha. I think the female protagonist, and internet being the topic of the show, also identify-theft online made it interesting ’cause our lives back then with the advent of American Online (AOL) was becoming our after school life. The show was fast-paced, it was real, it was even funny here and there, and it upped in status when they introduced Eric Szmanda as “Sorcerer.”

charfmed 100

I also had hangovers after practically every WB teen show I watched including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, Charmed, Jack and Jill and Gilmore Girls. Those hangovers were more intense than the ones for my fave soap operas like Days of Our Lives because DOOL played every day — and I used to record it when I had to go to back to school during the school year. But for the WB shows I had to wait a WHOLE WEEK for a new episode and 3 months of summer for a season premier! I dealt with that by reading books and writing stories.

samson and delilah

titanoic pmg

As far as movies go, I had the biggest hangover with Titanic. Aside from Samson and Delilah and some Indian movies, this is the only movie I cried at. I wanted Jack to stay alive!!! I wanted to see Rose and Jack’s life post-Titanic. Or I wanted Rose to die instead of Jack! Jack was poor, Titanic was his ticket to a better life, and Rose, the rich girl survived, and Jack died. So sad 😦 But also, I guess Rose had to live with the fact that she was no longer engaged to Cal. So she kinda lost a rich fiance & everything too.  Everything but the fabulous diamond Heart of the Ocean! However the bigger picture is, although it made history, on Titantic many people lost their families and their lives when this gigantic, luxurious ship sunk in 1912.

The way I deal with book hangovers, and actually I get song hangovers even more, but that’s a larger discussion. Regardless, the way I deal with movie, book, and TV show hangovers, is to re-play the stories in my head and sometimes make up my own ending! For example, for Titantic, Jack and Rose would have survived, while Cal would have died in the Arctic ocean. They would have gotten married, had two kids, 1 red headed girl, one blonde boys. Jack would have become a stock broker and they would have lived in a beautiful house and white picket fence. The happy ending I think we all would have wanted 🙂

So, that’s it! I wanted this to be a quick post. Feel free to list your major book hangovers and how you deal with them below!! I’ll be back tomorrow with another day of BookBlogWriMo.

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Bye for now!!


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