Favorite Fiction Tropes – #BookBlogWriMo # 17

Today’s BookBlogWriMo topic is favorite fiction tropes! I wrote about my favorite Sci-Fi tropes during SciFi Month in November.  This time around it’s any and all tropes from my favorite fiction books — they don’t have to be science fiction specific. Tropes are recurring symbols, motifs, objects, or literary devices. I decided to list mine:

Jewish & Muslim characters — Jewish characters in fiction have always interested me.  My favorite book of all time is The Chosen by Chiam Potok about two Jewish boys growing up in Crowne Heights – Brooklyn New York — one is Orthodox adn the other is Hasidic.  I like reading about Jewish characters because we share similar,I guess I could say, cultures, like not drinking and we don’t eat pork.  However I see those are religious qualities, not cultural qualities, but I digress.  So, in the story one boy is semi-religious, you can say, more modern, while another is staunchly, or strictly religious and I’ve spent most of my adult like in a community like this.  My own parents — my dad was secular while my Mom was semi-religious, and so it was interesting in the book to see how the two boys grew up, and BECOME FRIENDS even thoough they had a stark difference in religiousness.  While so many people, people I know, fight because one person wears hijab or beard and another doesn’t.  Yet these two boys overcome that and tolerate each others differences.  Just fascinating! Also, I like seeing how Muslim characters in western literature are treated, like for example Othello in Shakespeare’s play Othello and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.  Neither are explicitly Muslim, but are both darker skinned than the white population, and Moors.  Moors, from Muslim Spain, are typically Muslim.  So sad to see how Othello is an overbearing ogre and Heathcliff needs anger management classes.  I think what we fail to recognize when we don’t know Muslims is that there is, without questions a difference in culture with people who come from the east but that does not mean all Muslims are angry, or overbearing.  I’m sure I could do an analysis on this, but I’ll stop there for now!! =)

dragon clip art

Dragons — I love dragons.  They are fascinating.   They can be good or evil.  Good and trainable like in the Eragon Trilogy, or Anne McCaffery’s dragon worlds — or evil like in Harry Potter.  They can breathe fire, be all kinds of different colors, and fly!!!

genie from alladin

-Djinni — since I’m Pakistani, which means partly Persian, Greek, and Indian — I noticed that even though I’m not a huge reader of Arabic literature, I enjoy reading books with djinni — magical creatures who can change shape, form, and grand wishes.  So like Bartimaeus from The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonthan Stroud, The Children of the Lamp by PB Kerr, and of course the Tales of Arabic Nights. Growing up my favorite TV show was I Dream of Jeannie which was a 60s sitcom with Major Anthony Nelson who finds a Jeannie in a bottle when his space craft lands on the coast of an Island.  However, Hardcore Arabic literature is hard for me to get into, as I don’t feel I have too much of a background in it.

Humor – I love any piece of literature which can make me laugh.  Going back again to The Bartimaeus books, Free Thaddeus by John Gosselink, The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison, Diana Wynn Jones’s books,  The Way of the World by William Congrieve, and of course SHAKESPEARE!…..I could go on!! Humor tops my list of favorite tropes 🙂

So, this was a fun prompt to do since it gave me a chance to explore the books tropes I like to read.  If you like writing be sure to follow me on my writing Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/MariWriting.  And I’ll see you all tomorrow for another #BookBlogWriMo post!!


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