Advice for Noobie Bloggers, Top Posts & Memes, #BookBlogWriMo #10, #11, #12

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Hope you guys are enjoying this chilly December! I’ve not been too uppity (why do I sound like Mary Poppins?) the past few days, so forgive me if I’ve been a little inconsistent with my blog and YouTube posts. I went out with my sister walking around in 40-degree temperature in a nearby small town of Celebration, Florida. Seeing families enjoying, & chilling on a December evening with all the lights and fake snow uplifted my spirits.

Today, I’m here with another #BookBlogWriMo post!!!

alice ashing rabbit

I’m 4 days behind, so I’m going to be playing catch-up the next few days. I started this WriMo challenge in late November because I want to finish up the 30 days before Christmas Eve. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I am thinking about going with my family to vacation in Atlanta the last week of December, so I wanted to finish up before then. I’ll have my phone but no access to a desktop computer or my picture files.  Not sure if I’m going yet, but based on my schedule I’m planning on going if I can!!

Okay, so onto the blog post!

Let’s start with Memes 🙂

meme manai


I got really excited this year when I discovered all the memes out there like Making Up for Monday, Top 10 Tuesday, Top 5 Wednesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Soundtrack Saturday, that a blogger friend made up. I tried a bunch of them on my blog and Youtube channel, but was bad with being consistent. I ended up not liking or having nothing to say about some of the topics, so I decided to not do them at all!! So for example, one Making Up For Monday was what’s the scariest book you ever read — and I don’t remember reading scary books unless it’s Goosebumps when I was in 4th grade, so I don’t think that counts 😦 Plus I don’t really have much to say about it. There are far more movies I watched that were scary like I Know What you Did Last Summer or Scream, or It. IT:

Scariest movie of all time.

The Others with Nicole Kidman was supposed to be scarier than it was. Also, I would say there’s one episode that scared me half to death that was from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Killed by Death. It’s about this guy who takes sick kids lives in the hospital His eyes suck their life from their forehead, and it leaves them branded and lifeless and only kids can see him! His silent walks like a killer through the hospital wards rattles me. I was looking up pictures from the show and I got scared doing it. But when I watched it again a few years ago…’cause I grew up since I first saw the episode, it actually wasn’t that scary. LOL. But here’s a look of the guy that scared the bajoozies out of me.

scary guy from buffyscary guy from buiffy

As far as other memes go, For Top 10 Tuesday I tried to come up with 10 books but I always ALWAYS fell short, by like 5. I struggled to come up with 7. Like top 10 sequels or series I want to start. I have probably no series since I never finish them, and sequels. .  I usually like stand-alones or one or two books out of series.

So, yeah, I sucked at memes starting out. But I like to think I’m getting better at them!!

I made up one of my own, and am trying to be consistent with that. Called #MMThursdayFeels, which I talk about down below.

Now onto my top blog posts!!

This blog started in July, and, I’ll be honest, doesn’t have a thousand followers right now, which is my goal. But I’ll list my the posts that got the most views so far. What’s great on WordPress is that if you go to “stats” on your home page you can see how many views each posts got. So here were my most viewed posts:

best posts so far 2014 with url

  1. Fall Productivity Bucket List.
  2. Blog Awards
  3. My post on Ferguson
  4. 25 Reasons why I love BookTube
  5. Guest Post of The Giver

Finally, my advice for New Book Bloggers! I started this blog in July, so based on my experience I’d say keep the follow things in mind:

  1. The Age Old Truth: BE Consistent!

When people find and like your blog, they will typically follow it. I feel like blogs work the same way as businesses. People will keep coming if you keep doing what you’ve always done. If you slack off, like I do sometimes, they’ll go somewhere else. Except maybe your friends who like you unconditionally. They’ll still come back 🙂 so keep writing regularly and giving your readers what they like see from your work.

  1. Blog Books honestly

As a book blogger, you and hopefully me someday will get a chance though publishers or authors to review new books. Some will offer you money, some will give you a free book. At the same time, when people come to your blog every day, or what’s most likely, every week, they will begin to trust your reviews. If you RAVE about a book, and it sucks, people will begin to mistrust you and you’ll lose readers/ I feel like people come to your blog, or Youtube channel because they like the way you talk about books, and when that trust is lost, like with a “real life” relationship, it takes a LONG time to rebuild. It goes back to the idea of the Relationship Bank account as described by Sean and Stephen Covey. Sean Covey wrote the teen version of the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I didn’t realize this until I grew up, and starting working a full time job. But when you lie or break a promise, it takes 2 or 3 more good deeds to rebuild the trust you lost. So just BE HONEST so begin it. Makes like, and book blogging so much simpler!

  1. Guest post

One of the best things I did was follow my teacher’s advice and guest post on someone else’s blog and have them guest post on mine! That way people from their blog visit yours and vice versa! Check out Ashley’s posts linked above and my review of Smoke by Ellen Hopkin’s on her blog.

  1. Create your own meme or blog series, and invite others to join.

top 3 thursday meme with contac details

I noticed another new blogger friend of mine, Tika, started her own meme and I decided if she can do it as a new blogger, why can’t I?? I think it’s a great way to get interaction with your blog and get people to keep coming back to your blog to check the new topics. . Plus, blogging is more fun with others!

I made up one of my own, and am trying to be consistent with thatIt’s called #MMThursdayFeels. Check it out here.

Okay, phew! That was a long post! I had to combine three topics because I’m behind!! But I’m so glad I did this. I hope this benefited you. If you like books and blogging I encourage you to start a book blog of your own and join me. As always you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and my channel!! Talk to you all later!! Enjoy this amazing December!


3 thoughts on “Advice for Noobie Bloggers, Top Posts & Memes, #BookBlogWriMo #10, #11, #12

  1. I liked The Others! I may feel differently if I watched it now, but I found it to be fairly spooky, tho I like The Shining & The Sixth Sense even more. White Christmas (the drama series) & Another are prob my all-time faves w/ the old show Thriller — I know, I haven’t read much horror either, but I have backlog of horror flicks.


    • I forgot about 6th sense! yeah that was freaky but pretty cool. it didn’t scare me as much as scream but then again, I think 6th sense also made you think a little. so that made me like it more. I wonder if there are ppl who like READING horror more than watching. I feel like aside from goosebumps I like watching horror more. but I see blogs all over about paranormal books. the only paranormal book I read was Gild Joyce but that had a myster it wasn’t scary.


      • I’ve read a few YA paranormal books, tho I haven’t found them scary. & reading horror in general doesn’t scare me either… I guess I’m more of a visual person? I’m even more likely to cry while watching movies than reading books! (but don’t get me wrong, I bawl like mad when I read about my fave characters dying, ahh.)


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