#HarryXMasToYou Participation It will be a Harry December | M&M Mariam

Maureen Keavy, a great booktuber, and a group of others, including Sanaa of InkBoneBooks has decided to hold a ReadALongAWatchAThon to read ALL 7 of the Harry Potter books, as well as watch the movie along with the other 800 participants according to number of Twitter followers. The movies will be watched every Tuesday and Friday, starting today with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone today! I’m most looking forward to the movies, participating in the discussions, and well, all just the awesome activities. Watch my video to hear me talk a little bit more about why I, a Muslim am participating, and my green and red fashion tendencies. This is also the #FridayReads segment for my channel this week, where I talk a little about the Apparently Kid who is 5-years-old, 18 million views, and has his own commercial and is so cute and hilarious. =)

I will be sharing my updates right here via my blog & my Twitter.



Have a great Friday!

Maureen’s Video:

Sanaa’s Video:

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