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Growing up I watched pretty much anything that was put in front of my face. For my immigrant parents, cable TV was the most awesome thing to give to me and my 3 siblings. So I started getting attached to Nickelodeon and Disney. As a teen I grew to love the WB shows. As an adult I grew to watch CNN and watched it through my first presidential election of John Kerry and George Bush, and both of President Obama’s two elections.

90s nick

As an adult, I grew a lot keener about what kind of media and whose agenda I wanted to consume. I watched less and less cable TV and news, however, although many may trust BBC and Al Jazeera for world news– I was looking for a trustworthy news channel to report domestic affairs. So I watched CNN — what finally tipped me into turning to the internet for news. I didn’t just watch YouTube for funny home-made videos anymore.  It happened a day this July 2014, when CNN aired a picture of a Palestinian woman post-bombing, and reported that Hamas was attacking Israel — truth was Israel was bombing innocent Palestinian civilians.

Why do news networks lie?


Throughout July, false accounts of the crisis in Israel flashed across the news stations and I didn’t know which news source to trust and perpetuated the idea in my mind that most news sources in America cannot be trusted. I knew they were biased, but to report false news? That was the tipping point. So this was the time I came across a video and started watching Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian on a YouTube-based channel called TYT Live.

I am trained as an English teacher and accountant, so I rely upon facts to support opinions. So, slowly they built my trust by stating facts, direct quotes, and demystifying myths about American politics, Islam, and talked about the concerns of our society like parenthood, sex, and crime. I’ve been watching the network for 5 months now. Along with clips of the Jimmy Fallon show, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report, I watch TYT Live regularly.

So, anyway, that’s my history watching the network. I feel like I fall into the category of viewers who think and are not told WHAT to think.
This post was not about my TV news viewing history, however people know me to be thoughtful about what I say and watch, and since this is the first time I’m talking, I guess, publicly about the news I watch on my blog, I thought why not give an intro? This post is about a segment done by John Iadarola on TYT University called “Here’s Why Being “Cool” In High School Is Bad For You.”

At the end of the video he asks were you cool in high school and does this study make you feel better about the experience you had in high school. So, because I have a lot to say, as I always do, which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing. But anyway, I decided to make my own blog post — to introduce me talking a little more than just about books on my blog.

my home states
I moved around a lot when I was young, I lived in Ohio, Texas, Virginia and finally Florida. I went to elementary school in VA & OH, then middle school & high school in FL. I got bullied in 5th & 6th grade by mean girls. After I started standing up for myself , I stopped getting that. One time in middle school an albino black girl tried to make me feel bad for wearing glasses and missing hitting the volleyball when it came over the net. I got contacts a few months after, she wasn’t in any of my classes except PE, so I ignored her as I did most people who didn’t show a little respect and courtesy to another human being’s feelings.

The cardinal, my home state of Ohio’s bird, is THE most beautiful bird I have ever seen

In high school I was never cool, but I drove a ’93 camaro. I hung out with a cheerleader or two, and also the goths. I always hung out with people who were different — went against the norm. I went to community college my 11th and 12th grade years.

So I was AWOL my last two years of high school. I had a few popular friends and a few goth-ish friends, who were great and I enjoyed their company! I was just selective about the people I hung out with. But I always WANTED to be popular. However, I like the outcome of the study.  I think more high school students should see it and think about the role they want to play in their school.  The age 16 is more likely than not, NOT the end of your life.  You will grow up and legally be an adult at 18, get a job.  Will being popular really help you the next 10 years of your life? Personally, I think me not trying to be popular, actually helped me graduate high school and college early both with honors and into a satisfying career. I work my butt off, but it’s worth it to have a fulfilling career and income while I’m single =)

So that’s all I have to say for now. I like how TYT Live is giving me the tools as a free thinking millennial to know enough to have a comment one way or another about societal issues and politics, as well as helping me make informed decisions about my life. I like it so far and will be watching, thanks for reading, & take care all!


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