Sci-Fi Month 2014 Wrap-up | M&M Mariam

This year I had the pleasure to participate in Sci-Fi month hosted by Rinn Reads & Oh! The Books. I enjoyed visiting other readers’ blogs, getting weekly email updates and framing my blog’s post with a Sci-Fi twist.

I listened to my first-ever sci-fi podcast, I wrote a Sci-Fi Month themed #ThursdayFeels meme.

I also wrote a post on Sci-Fi tropes in response to Annie’s post from Books – A Novel Idea.

I wish I had time to complete the Sci-Fi bingo! But there is always next year! I had a great time and I hope you will all join next time around!

For your viewing pleasure, check out this artist’s conception of a Sci-Fi Montreal I found.  I’ve always loved different planets and moons close-up in the sky.  Thought this was fantabulous.  =)

Sci-Fi Montreal


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