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top 3 thursday meme with contac details

I know it’s a little late, but I decided to do my very own #ThursdayFeels Meme, and since it’s Science-Fiction month, I am keeping to the topic for the date, but choosing only Science Fiction books or movies or shows. So here goes nothing:

November 20 –  Made you Melancholy (gloomy) like Gray Clouds Rolling overhead

The top three science fiction books/movies that made me melancholy were:

roswell -- max and liz

1. Roswell – an early 2000 WB Teen Series. The series was captivating for me as a teen, I couldn’t stop watching it.  The love story between Max and Liz, the friends that the aliens made with Liz, Adam, and Maria, and the alien hunters, including the English teacher, that was inextricably involved in the lives of these young people was edge-of-your-seat watching experience.  I didn’t know who on the show was an alien, alien hunter, or friend, or enemy.  And I felt for Max, Isabelle, and Michael because they were adopted and actually, had human emotions.  I felt bad for them.  This show made me gloomy because the show was dark, and the main characters looked human but were alien on the inside.  The music, and the barren desert they lived in made the entire show gray and dark 😦


2. I, Robot – the movie, made me feel gloomy because the robot, who was supposed to be benevolent, killed innocent people.  Not a huge fan of the movie, but I still like Will Smith.  Fresh Prince will forever be one of the best shows ever in my opinion.  Plus I loved Independence Day.


3. The Plutonium Files — this is a nonfiction book written by journalist Eileen Welsome I read a few years ago about the plutonium experiments done in the 60s & 70s, I believe.   It was about how the drug was killing people and the authorities at first did nothing about the damage it caused.  This is not fiction, but it definitely had this feel of being science fiction.  It sounded unreal that the government would let trained, brilliant scientists inject plutonium into research patients, release them, and do nothing when they discovered it caused brain injury.  Interesting read.  Also, makes us remember the costs of science, and how it can be avoided — basically, it prompts us to think about how we can use science to make better things and better people, BUT keep people safe at the same time.

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