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sci fi tropes 1 So in response’s to Annie’s blog post, over at Books A Novel Idea, on tropes in science fiction lit, written as part of the “deliciousness” of Science Fiction month.

Tropes are reoccurring themes that have a literary significance — that occur over and over again in not just one book, but many books by different authors — books written today and hundreds of years ago.

I gotta admit, Sci-fi month is pretty scrumptious. If it was food, I’d eat it all up for dessert. I have a feeling it would be a cherry cheesecake — the cheesecake being the worlds it storfies, the cherries being the rich characters, and the cherry syrup being the cornucopia of tropes — dark lords, mix of cultures, and dystopian societies, they encounter!! So Annie took a survey on her GoodReads of her followers favorite Sci-Fi Tropes and I thought I’d respond and post mine.

specials scott westerfeld unravel me cover biggermarie lu legend

The top vote was for dystopian fiction, which is hugely popular today with young adult authors such as Marie Lu, Taherah Mafi, Scott Westerfeld, Kerri Smith, and probably a slew of others. Superpowers came in second, followed closely by Time/Space travel, far behind was aliens and cultural mixing like in Star Trek. My favorites are:

  1. Superpowers — like those of Superman and Batman, where Superman’s Achille’s heel, weakness, is the chemical kryptonite.
  2. Cultural Mixing like we have in my country — where blacks, whites, Chinese, and Indians live together as one people, not divided by our race. At least usually. Love the slight difference in Vulcans, Romulans, and humans in Star Trek. Vulcans are less emotional, and more logical than humans and sometimes cannot understand the love between mom, dad, brother, and sister.
  3. And one not mentioned in the survey — PARALLEL WORLDS made popular for me by the Sci-Fi TV series Sliders. My favorite world, even though it was hard to pick, was when the team traveled to the world where Einstein’s atom bomb was not destroyed and they used it to avert and destroy a deadly, apocalyptic asteroid.

sliders wtih fi,lms I’m also curious about tropes in Muslim Science Fiction. I happen to be Muslim, of Pakistani origin, and will post a little about this in another blog post this month so look forward to that! So that’s it for my favorite Sci-Fi tropes. What are you favorites? Leave a comment below! And be sure to check out all the festivities of Sci-Fi Month over at the Twitter account: SciFiMonth!! Also, I am hosting a Read a thon starting next Monday November 24th – sign-ups are open. Sign up HERE to become an OFFICIAL participant!


3 thoughts on “Favorite Sci-Fi Tropes | M&M Mariam

  1. I used to really love Dystopia, but there are SO many dystopia novels in YA right now that I’m getting sick of it. And I loved Sliders! I don’t think I could pick a favorite episode, though.


    • haha I feel ya on the too many dystopian novels bit!! I mean, I was never a huge fan of dystopian novels but I can’t help but get into a really good one like The Giver 🙂 so gladw we have the love of sliders in common!!! I think it helped me see the corruption in society in a creative way and perhaps that’s why we get into dystopians nowadays 🙂 haha what great thoughts!! thanks for commenting!!! would love to KIT via twitter!!


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