#DailyDiaries Nov 8 | Overcoming the stomach flu, going Raw, & #SesameBlogging

So I missed my #DailyDiaries post for the past two weeks because I’ve been MAD sick. My ulcerative colitis was complicated when I got the stomach flu. I bled a few days and I was in bed for almost 2 weeks throwing up most days. I went on a raw foods diet for a week and a half and am still trying to fill my lunches and breakfasts with at least one fruit smoothie, usually mango, banana, & strawberry, or mango, banana, and orange. It sucks when you don’t like to cook. 😦 But my sister’s NutriBullet has been a life-saver. I make all my fruit smoothies with it.

blueberry smoothie

I’ve made 2-3 new recipes the past few weeks including raw date-mulberry-raspberry energy bars (recipe by FullyRawKristina), and a blueberry-banana smoothie. I also made fully raw ranch dressing which I ate with a cucumber, romaine lettuce, and grape salad and added it to my daily raw food journal on Tumblr.

campaign 24

This week I’ve been getting back to work slowly, for 4 hours a day. It hasn’t been as productive as October, but I’m giving my body time to heal as I get back to work — which is what I really want to do. This week I re-launched my Avon business, joined Sci-Fi Month, and today I started #SesameBlogging here: http://wishcraftsuccess.wordpress.com/ So A LOT of new things in November and, by George am I ready to not be sick and ready for all the crazy cool fun!!

The full nominations list for the Best of the Book Blogosphere Awards will be up Monday here: http://BookBlogAwards.wordpress.com.   Voting begins next Saturday, November 15th! Don’t forget to spread the word through Twitter & Instagram by tweeting/posting:

Vote for your favorite book blog on November 15th! http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jAz1fJ-30YuNZvijMm0JN6rxj_yhjSU7rVqSIZFlOtI #BookBlogAwards #books #reading

Have a happy Saturday and I’ll catch you all later!

book blogging awards icon


5 thoughts on “#DailyDiaries Nov 8 | Overcoming the stomach flu, going Raw, & #SesameBlogging

    • awesome!! i think it really depends on your tastes. something I’ve had to learn abt myself when going raw. my older sis can handle spinach in her fruit smoothies to increase the nutrients. but I throw up if greens are added so Istick to fruits like peach, banana, strawberry mango and oranges. I like blueberies and add them sometimes like u see in my pic. I too have a MAJOr sweet tooth!!! so yeah, it’s based on what you like.


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