Fantastic Reading Apps for Pre-K & KG Kids (Age 3-5)

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Want an alternative to racing, chasing, and candy crushing games on the iPad, iPod, or Android phone for your primary children? Here, I give you 4 great ones to start out with. You will have to click on each of the links next to the book below to view the videos.

Audio/Video Books for kids!

SafeShare.Tv offers a number of great books read by the author, artists, and teachers. Two of my favorites are:

Mr. Walrus by Patricia Derrick (Illustrated by: JP Loppo Martinez), for KG kids. The video shows pictures from the book, it is read by a teacher, and signed in ASL by a young girl for the hearing-impaired. VIDEO:

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett (Illustrated by Kevan Attaberry) also for KG kids, but Pre-K may also enjoy it. This book is read animatedly by the author herself, and shows beautiful shots of the illustrations while she reads. VIDEO:

Both books can be watched on a desktop or laptop computer, they can also be viewed on a handheld device like a iPad or iPod. Currently this app looks like its only available on Apple devices. It is not on Android yet. The app costs $0.99 in the iTunes store and with the number of songs, or movies we download for anywhere from $3-$25, the cost is next to nothing for your child to view book videos without potentially harmful, or obscene ads. APP:

Letter Songs for your Pre-K and KG child!

this is with my name and stuff app for kg and k WITH SHARE SAFE C

I also really like this collection of song videos for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. There are two:

  1. Songs – This has a R&B/Hip-Hop feel to it, but is kid-friendly. These video shows the shape of the letter & how to say the letter. The preview shows only part of the video, but a significant portion so that your child will be able to hear the letter, the different sounds it makes, and how to write it. You can listen to the audio on their main website: or buy all the letter songs on DVD.

Letter A:

All Letters:

  1. Story Bot — These playful videos have robots and a young man sing and show of the 26 letters of the alphabet and over 7 items that start with each letter. The words are also spelled out on the screen and animated creature like penguins and acorns.

Letter A:

All Letters:

Look out for my post on Monday where I will present an app which will give you over 1000 free books for your kids age 12 and under! Meanwhile, have a fabulous Saturday!


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