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Fall is here and your child is on his smart phone or iPad yet again! If you have Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook on your phone you and your child can take bookish, Fall-ish, and October-ish photos as part of this month’s challenge. It was created by Isalys and Vanessa at Book Soulmates.

bsmphoto a day challenge

The goal is to post a theme-related picture once a day on their Instagram or social media account tagged with the hashtag #BSMPhotoADay. For example, today is the 14th — if I’m taking this challenge, I’m supposed to post a picture of a book or a bookish item with a ghost or haunted read.  Most challenges are “open” meaning, you can interpret the theme of the day any way you want.  I can take a picture of The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman because the characters in the novel claimed a ghost had taken over the machine and that’s the reason it printed all the answers to the homework for them!

the homework machine

So, after they take the picture, on Instagram they can modify it with one of the 20 filters, crop it, black and white it, increase or decrease the brightness or contrast, tilt it, or add shadows. They will post one photo for each day of the month.

photo 5

photo 1 choose a filter you like

photo 3

adults tilt it

this is the last insta

This is a great activity for home-schooled kids for this month, or an after-school activity for traditional school kids. Most kids, especially girls, ages 13+ will do this on their own without your having to tell them! They will just need to know it’s out there! For example, by having a friend of theirs share it on Facebook or Instagram!

It’s almost 15 days into the month, but it’s not too late to finish out the month with 15 pretty photos of books and things to share with you, and your child’s friends.

I am trying to participate this month because I love this challenge!  However, there are also other photo challenges out there, all you have to do is conduct a Google search — or comment below and I’ll be happy to link you to one. If you feel you’re too late for this one, there are other photo challenges such as the Books and Cupcakes monthly photo challenge which I will be talking about in November.

Also, look forward for more ways this month for your kids ages 8 and up to have fun with photos & books, and learn at the same time!

Talk to you all later!!

book blogging awards icon

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite book blog on November 15th here: http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jAz1fJ-30YuNZvijMm0JN6rxj_yhjSU7rVqSIZFlOtI/viewform

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