Saturday Sharefest | Blogging, Poetry for Kids, & John Green Middle Grade Novels

sat share 1011 with hastag adn fetails

I missed sharing my fave posts last Saturday because I was in NYC with my family.  But, without further dilly dallying, here are my 3 favorite blog posts for the week!

Erica from What We Do All Day shares poetry with her kids ages 5 & 9. She creates poetry word magnets, makes up poems spontaneously, and reads poetry in the dark. Check out her family poetry challenge, to add more joy of words and poems in your home with your kids!

Olivia from Hopeful Honey has a great post where she breaks down how to insert your social media icons onto your blog. She used color coding to make it easy for new bloggers to see where they must add the URL and image link. Even HTML-newbies can follow her simple and upbeat tutorial. She also offers a range of free colorful icons.

A few of my students read and love John Green’s novels. However, because his novels deal with older kid issues like drugs and sexuality, they may be too old for middle school kids. Angie from the Nerdy Book Club posted a list of middle-grade books that John Green readers would love and are middle grade appropriate. What I liked about her list was that they also included some diverse books such as Dear Anjali as well as my Basmati Bar Mitzvah.

I’ve started a Pinterest Book Club for Moms & Kids where we share our favorite family-friendly kids books every 15th on the month based on a theme by “pinning” them to the board.  You can also see what other moms have pinned! This month’s theme is “Family.” Tanya from Mom’s Small Victories and Savvy from Savvy Working Gal have joined the board! If you would like to become a board collaborator, please leave me a comment below, Tweet @emancipatedmimi or drop me quick email me at!!

Don’t forget to nominate your favorite Book Blog by tonight, October 12th, at midnight and VOTE on November 15th.

NOMINATE your favorite Book Blog here:

VOTING STARTS on November 15th here:

Please go check out the above blogs from these wonderful women and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


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