Daily Diaries 10/10 | NYC, Book Review Guest Posts, & Ulcerative Colitis Meds

nyc missed me and stuff

Hi all!! This is Mariam aka Mimi and I’ve had a trying week getting back to work after my family vacation in New York City last weekend. You may have noticed I missed a #DailyDiaries post last week, it’s because I was out of town.

NYC was just as fun as always. We ate great cultural food at Desi Shack in Manhattan and Vanilla fro-yo with blueberries as well as burgers and fries on Coney Island Avenue. We also visited family in Brooklyn. Overall, a healthy vaca for everyone.

desi shake pin board

Desi Shack’s creative customer appreciation board where customers pin positive comments about their food. 100s on there!

dunking an dme

Me with DD coffee in Jackson Heights

I’ve also been battling my Ulcerative Colitis which is the worst its ever been. I have no health insurance and my medicine company is not being helpful in getting me the medicine I need. They’ve gotten my account confused with someone else’s and are asking for more information I’ve sent them twice already.

froyo with blueberries

On a brighter note, I’m calling for guest book review posters for my blog!! Yay!! I’ve decided to narrow my scope of book reviews as there are other great reviewers writing reviews of other genres. I want to stick to what I’m good at. I’ve recently been talking to another book blogger about guest posting on my blog and it’s been just the thing I needed to get my reviewing butt back into gear!! I’ve missed reviewing books since I’ve been busy taking care of my health and family, and left my love of reading and reviewing books for a while.

So if you are a new blogger or an older blogger who would like to guest post on my blog and get some more traffic on yours, see the list below about what types of books this blog will be reviewing:

  • young adult
  • children’s
  • sci-fi fantasy
  • self-help books

I will include a small badge for your site along with your name, bio, and blog URL. Tweet me @emancipatedmimi or email me at MariamMisty@gmail.com if you’re interested!!

book blogging awards icon

Also, don’t forget to nominate your favorite Bookish Twitter, Instagram, best Bookish Meme, best book blog, and longest running book blog for the BBA awards. Nominations close tomorrow, October 12th. Voting begins November 15th and will be available as an app on your phone!

NOMINATE your favorite Book Blog here:  http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LJfSPMYlHSND3LZAypVoNak-nt67jeW5UHfjU6_GyHo/viewform

VOTING STARTS on November 15th here: http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jAz1fJ-30YuNZvijMm0JN6rxj_yhjSU7rVqSIZFlOtI/viewform

Take care everyone, and look forward to my Saturday Sharefest post tomorrow.



One thought on “Daily Diaries 10/10 | NYC, Book Review Guest Posts, & Ulcerative Colitis Meds

  1. Hi Mimi! I’m visiting from the link-up. I’m so sorry to hear about your medication issues! That’s so crazy! I hope it is resolved ASAP. When you’ve got ulcerative colitis, it’s important that you live as comfortably and pain free as you can. And I’m glad you’re getting yourself back into doing book reviews! It’s always nice to return back to something you used to do and rekindle that desire for it. Good luck the in Book blog contest!


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