#DailyDiaries – Writer’s Group & New Book Bloggers – NaBloPoMo #27

dear monday from busy mom @heidistjohn

Getting my medicine refilled was delayed Wednesday.  Didn’t get a chance to take care of it til Friday + other errands. So the graphic above was half of my week.

Hello friends of the blogosphere!!

This is my weekly update for ya’ll.

  1. As some of you might know, I have been a writer since I was 8. I finished a novel a few years ago which I am (supposed to be…) editing for publication. So I decided to start a writer’s group for budding writers of short stories, novels, songs, spoken word, poems, book reviews, fan fiction, and scripts. We will offer constructive critiques and live conversations via Google Hangout.

Please comment below if you’re interested or have questions! Or you may Tweet me @emancipatedmimi. Email’s also fine at mariammisty@gmail.com.

  1. I’m mad busy working on 3 other projects and will update on the blog. If you haven’t nominated a book blog, get on it =) There are 13 awards up for grabs. You may nominate yourself or encourage your readers to nominate you.

NOMINATE HERE: http://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LJfSPMYlHSND3LZAypVoNak-nt67jeW5UHfjU6_GyHo/viewform

Further, you can also start your own book blog. It’s easy! This is something I’m working on with fellow book bloggers: how-to-start a blog. Accepting Nominations until October 1st. Follow the awards on Twitter @BookBlogAwards.

book blogging awards icon

I’m still looking for graphic designers!! Please comment below or email me at mariammisty@gmail.com if you’d like to design some graphics and get the word out there about your art!

3. BOOKS.  Picked up Legend by Marie Lu and posted a picture on my Instagram — ’cause it’s good and  I just gotta finish reading it.  =)

Not doing so hot on the NaBloPoMo — but this counts for day #27! Yay!

If you want to contact me, about any of these things, three words: TWITTER. TWITTER. TWITTER. I live and breathe it. @emancipatedmimi

Tomorrow’s post will be my ShareFest post where I list and briefly describe my favorite three blog posts of the week. These will include a post about the iPhone 6 and finding your own follower tribe. Until then! Have a wonderful Saturday =)



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