Fall Productivity Bucket List | NaBloPoMo Day #15

fall bucket list

Recently I saw a blogger’s Fall Bucket List, and discovered that Faris from ProductiveMuslim, a career-productivity blog I follow for Muslims AND people of all faiths, create a bucket list for Productivity and, although Steph’s list is awesome, I thought since my goals this year include blogging and health that this was more appropriate for me and my goals this year. So I made my own Bucket List.


“A bucket list is a collection of things you want to do before your time in this world is up. We tend to have bucket lists for adventurous pursuits, family activities, or even personal achievements. Have you thought of compiling a bucket list of productivity-related activities?” (ProductiveMuslim.com)

Here’s mine:

  1. Put a board in my home and put little notes on it like verses of Quran and hadith wisdom and other nice things
  2. Memorize all 6000+ verses and 114 chapters of my holy scripture (lifetime goal, but what better time than fall to start?)
  3. have good behavior which I’d like to break down into 3 other items:
  4. Reply to people who comment, like, or sub to my blog or Youtube channel & visit theirs
  5. listen to my family and friends’ stories, which they like to share with me and usually end up being very interesting and even entertaining
  6. If someone says something bad to me, withhold my anger and say something good
  7. 1000 Subscribers on my channel and accompanying blog
  8. Help other people get more subscribers on their blog or YouTube Channel
  9. Write at least 5 entertaining things people enjoyed reading, which provides some benefit, including my first novel
  10. Put up at least 10 book reviews in blog posts or videos
  11. Power up my weak legs by bicycling at least 2x/week
  12. Learn to cook something new and delicious that match my changing tastes
  13. Achieve my GoodReads goal of reading 72 books for 2014
  14. Pray every prayer on time

Thanks to Usawa, Sohail & Momal for sharing their bucket list on the original ProductiveMuslim post and adding to mine =)

Have you thought of compiling a bucket list of productive activities? This can be anything from career, family, children, school, or whatever else is high on your priority list for this fall.

If you haven’t, why not jot down a few things that you’ve been meaning to do that’s collecting dust on your brain shelf and write it down! There’s a 42% better chance you’ll accomplish your goals just by writing them down.

So, what’s on your Bucket List?

Share your Bucket List in any way you’re comfortable….create an infographic, Instagram it, or use any other social media outlet to share your #ProductivityBucketList. Don’t forget to leave me a link in the comment box below so I can find it!



17 thoughts on “Fall Productivity Bucket List | NaBloPoMo Day #15

  1. Assalamualikum ,That was very interesting…Will definitely make a bucket list with my kids..
    Keep up th good work .May Allaah bless you with good my darling…Ameen.


    • no problem!! thank you so much for you’re encouraging words! kids are so imaginative and free from the insecurities we adults hold. I’d love to hear what you’re kids come up with! will you be posting them on you blog?


  2. Salamz.
    Thank you so much for sharing your bucket-list with us. It is encouraging to do the same so JAK 😀
    A few tips though; It’d have been great if you tagged links to the things you mentioned like your YT channel, the others bucket-lists or especially the original post from Productive Muslim. We are lazy by nature (:p) so the word is spread faster if we only got a link to click 😉


  3. Wow that’s a great list of things to accomplish! I’ve never written any sort of a bucket list. Actually I tell a lie, I did do a list once of things to do before I’m 30 – only managed 1! Maybe it’s time I revisit that list.


    • no biggie!! yes, definitely. I feel like a bucket list is another way to write your goals. instead of making a bucket list for my lifetime, I like making them for a short time span, like fall for example, and they become more like monthly, or in this case, seasonal goals. helps me get to where I want to be 5, 10 years from now faster than not writing them down. if you have a blog you should make one too, or even if you don’t, write them down in a Moleskine or some notebook you carry with you =)


  4. We have a chalkboard in our home where we write notes to eachother, reminders and inspiring messages. I couldn’t live without it now! We made it ourselves for only a couple of euros :).


    • aww that’s adorable!! I don’t usuaally like chalkboard since they leave dust but its cheaper than keeping up with an expo white board and buying markers for it!! still, I stick to a small expo board — and my wall calendar which is a week by week calendar on my wall covering three months. hope u’re having a great sunday kate!!


  5. What a great bucketlist! 🙂 I hope that you’ll be able to accomplish all these things. Personally, I love bucket lists – they help me focus and realize what I’m working for in life. It’s always nice to see other people’s bucket lists as well.


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