ShareFest Saturday | The Best of the Web this Week | NaBloPoMo Day # 14

There are so many amazing bloggers out there. This Saturday I have for you Blogger DIY, Read-a-thons, and Bicyclers!


ShareFest Saturday is a Meme of the ladies at SITsBlogging in which 3 specific things happen:

  1. We’re invited to a party on Twitter where we chat at 10AM Saturday morning, eastern time.
  2. We share the best blog posts we’ve read that week
  3. We blog about the top three of these posts, and share the comment love by posting a thoughtful response to that post stating why it caught our attention.

I missed the Twitter chat this morning because I’ve been sick and woke up too late. However, I’m not too late to post my three favorite blog posts by some of my favorite bloggers!!

Here you go!

  1. Britney from the Princess and her Cowboys – Blogging Graphic Design Help

how to create a custom sidbar

Britney blogged at the end of August about how to create pretty banner headings with PicMonkey. I am graphically challenged if you guys didn’t already know, so this is a BloggingLifeSaver for me. I like her easy to follow instructions and accompanying pictures!

  1. Sarah from Trees of Reverie – READATHON

Day one Bookish Challenge of her READATHON happening 9/14-9/28. She is a wonderful reader friend of mine whose readathons I really enjoy!! And trust me, I’ve been part of several of readathons, probably 10 up to date and I’m re-joining Sarah’s this month because I like them so much.  They’re low pressure, and have a lot of fun challenges and prompts to respond to.

If you haven’t done so yet and want to get more books read this September, I’ll leave the link to the info to the Trees of Reverie Marathon down below. Don’t be shy if your books are not all fiction, mine are definitely not. I’ll be reading a combination of fiction – YA, fantasy, sci-fi, children’s, self-help, religious, and business.

I love Day One’s Bookish challenge (there are reading, and TBR challenges as well) because it puts you on the spot to decide if you were on a book buy curfew for the rest of 2014 which 10 books would you choose. Sounds like fun = )

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH


  1. Amena from Amenakin or Pearl Daisy – Bicycling (great for colitis patients)

benefits of biking amenikin

A beautiful beauty and fashion blogger wrote recently about the benefits of biking. My sister and I made an impromptu biking trip to our lakefront park before sundown today and really enjoyed it. I want to recover from the weakness in my legs that colitis is threatening me with, and Amena’s graphic give me all the reason to pick it up as a hobby.

I love to share other people’s works that I find beautiful or beneficial. So I am happy to include Saturday ShareFest as a part of my blog.

Thank you for reading & see you tomorrow with another NaBloPoMo post!

Peace, Love, and Respect,

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