NaBloPoMo – Post #3 – Ferguson

NaBloPoMo September 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
What is the most helpful post (or Twitter hashtag) you read in all the coverage on Ferguson?

Didn’t have such a hot day today.  Don’t know why.  Was it the vanishing of my coffee supply? Or eating one too many chocolate-covered donuts? Or the lack of my success trying to edit my novel? I don’t know.  For another day, my sisters roped me into a viewing of 2 Gilmore Girl episodes back-to-back and I bled from drinking too much brewed coffee (an effect of my colitis) — a savior packet that a friend gave me that I left in my car a few months ago.  It was supposed to save me as the tea substitutes didn’t work to jump-start my coffee-dependent mornings.  Okay, I digress.  Onto the prompt. 

The best post on Ferguson was not an article, but it was a anti-racism poem by SR Atchley called “Stop Killing Us.”  I am not black, however I am a minority (Pakistani-American, & Muslim) and although there’s  A LOT of Twitter talk on Ferguson (and my math teacher’s name was Mrs. Ferguson!! sorry had to put that in that, I think about her every time I hear about this)…I haven’t been able to find any clear reports saying exactly what happened and I don’t have a news source I feel like I can trust.  Fox News Muslim bashes and stereo-types, CNN is pressured by its democratic audience to post news stories they’ll root for, and every other online news source is biased to it’s own reader base and I feel like the truth is often fuddled when reading/watching it.  I prefer hearing both sides of the story of the people involved.  However, a conversation with the author prompted me to learn more about Ferguson.  Beautiful poem.  Great message.


Stop Killing Us – by SR Atchley

The deal is this:

I’ve not been able to sleep for nights now

perhaps months.


Martial Law has been implemented in an urban black community near where I live.

It is wrong.

Terribly wrong.

Many things are turning awry, that ought not do so.




Ok, thanks for reading!!! Look forward to another NaBloPoMo post tomorrow and, I know it’s been a week, but a video is in the works for my channel so that is also upcoming =) Take care & TTYL!


Peace, Love, and Respect,

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3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Post #3 – Ferguson

    • thank you for your comment! also for putting your voice out there about Ferguson as I it is an important story to follow for not just people like Blacks, or Muslims, or Hispanics whose communities have suffered from racial profiling — but for anyone and everyone who wants peace and justice. I pray for the best for you and your sons and I’ll be tweeting your post on twitter =)


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