I’m Participating in NaBloPoMo this September & I Pledge to Comment Back!

NaBloPoMo September 2014

I just got back from a vacation/road-trip with my fam — been needing to blog this since Friday but I had no computer access :/ So here it is =)

I recently joined the BlogHer community of female bloggers who are writers, hobbyists, moms, and creative people.

Melissa Ford, blogging, social media, and health editor at BlogHer.com hosts this Meme called NaBloPoMo, originally started by Eden Kennedy, who failed at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in which ordinary people including writers compete worldwide to write a whole novel, roughly 50,000 words,in 1 month (it took me 9 years to write mine!! Yes, for those of you who don’t know, I have written a novel. Still working on getting it published) She sold NaBloPoMo to BlogHer where Ford now runs it. I came across it late on Friday and decided to join!!

blogher logo2

This is a challenge for September, starting yesterday, September 1st and ends September 30th, to post something (something written, a picture, video) of your own making on your blog (–it can even be on a microblog like Instagram) EVERY DAY for the month of September.  There is a monthly theme and there are prompts for each week day if you wish to write on those topics, but you don’t have to stick to the topic you can write or speak about anything you want!  I will link the original post below, under my signature. 

The theme for the month is HEALING — inspired by the recent happenings in #Ferguson. The prompt for September 2nd, since today is the 2nd is: How do you communicate best? Writing or Speaking?

This is my official post announcing my participation this month. I’m a day behind, but will catch-up — will have my first post up by today =) I’ll be posting on this Blog: M&M Mariam.  That’s this one.  Right here.  You’re there =)

If you have a blog, I welcome you to join me and hundreds of other bloggers to exercise your creativity, get your blog some exposure, or just to post your own photography or poems, or whatever medium you use to express your creativity!!

we comment back

ALSO, through Tika’s blog at Fangirl@ Blogspot I discovered We Comment Back, Do You? Pledge through Alise and Bec’s book blog Reader’s Wonderland.

So, I am taking the pledge this year to comment back on every blog post I read even if it’s just a note to say “Hey, I read your post, Thanks for writing this! Just wanted to drop you line =). 

I also pledge to visit and comment on every blog who comments on any one of my blog posts and ask you to do the same =) You can pledge and add your blog link here: Bloggers Comment Back

Peace, Love, and Respect,

mariam aka mimi signature


Melissa’ s Original Post for September: http://www.blogher.com/heal-septembers-nablopomo


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