25 Reasons Why I LOVE BookTube

25 Things I LOVE About BookTube

25 reasons why I love booktube version 2

Booktube has quickly become my favorite little corner of the internet, and in the words of Lesley (wordsofareader on YouTube) it is an ever-growing beast. However, it’s one of the gentlest and magical beasts ever. Even greater than the beast knights fight in King Arthur’s tales or the Basilisk in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 😉

So here are my top 25 reasons why I LOVE BookTube:

  1. Reading buddies
  2. Read alongs (eg Jane Austen read-a-long as created by Zoe, goes from August- Dec 2014)
  3. TAG! Videos (eg. Be, Room, Cliff Tag)
  4. It’s international! I’ve “met” BookTubers from China, the UK, Australia, Malaysia and other parts of the USA)
  5. Christine of PolandBananaBOOKs who introduced me to BookTube-A-Thon this summer during Ramadan
  6. Twitter Sprints!! I love Twitter Sprints. Even though I am not in the same room or country with them, it’s so much fun to read together when I can join other booktubers reading and responding to challenges in real time =)
  7. Find out about new books before they’re released
  8. All kinds of YouTubers booktube from YA (Young Adult Lit) fanatics to Sci-Fi nerds like me. I’m finding I read a lot of business books — still looking for other booktubers who like those, I have yet to find any, but I’m confident I’ll find them — Booktube is beautiful community and man is it BIG! Right now on YouTube I’m subscribed to 20 other booktubers but I’ve watched almost 100 in the past month.
  9. Brings me closer to God because I get to follow the beautiful hadith that says whoever goes in the path of knowledge, God will make easy for him a path to Paradise.
  10. Book-TUBE-a-thon created by Ariel Bissett
  11. the amazing girls, women, ladies on BT like Savannah of Sarcasm Persuasion, Britnee of Britnee Elms, Beatrice of BooksOverLooks, Susie of readSusieRead, Jay of Jay G — and there are SOOO many more I can name I just don’t have the room here. Maybe I’ll feature them on my blog in the coming weeks.   belms booktuber christina on youtube jay h booktube readsusiereadon booktube savannah on booktube booksoverlooks beatrice on booktube                                                                        I’m not sexist, though there are fewer, there are male booktubers I watch too like Tiernan of theBookTuber, & Jack Cork of Reading With Jack, who is from the UK & I really like his videos!
  12. tiernan booktuberJack of Reading with Jack
  13. Increase my vocabulary
  14. improve my writing by reading good writers
  15. prepare me for graduate school
  16. Reading Challenges! Book scene re-enactments, reading books with red on the cover, & Cosplays
  17. Update my channel with my iPhone
  18. prizes and giveaways during Read-a-thons
  19. Read-a-thons!! Reading with everyone else to tackle your reading goals for the week or year. (like Bout of Books 8/18-8/24 & CatchUpReadathon 8/25-8/31)  bout of books 11
  20. I can spend time watching real people talking about books instead of watching Sitcoms, TV re-runs, or playing video games all day during my free days. It’s more engaging to me to be watching videos and people you can actually talk to via the comments or Twitter after you watch them talk about something they’re really passionate about.
  21. Update my channel as often as I want. There’s no requirement every day, every week, every month — I can do it every year if I want!
  22. Makes me excited to share what’s next on my TBR (To Be Read list) journey
  23. talk about important issues like the economy, mental health problems, terrorism, & poverty and possible solutions
  24. book hauls!
  25. it’s FUN!

Amazing AMAZING people and #funtimes. If you have a camera, internet connection, and a book you can join us on all the conversations, filmmaking, vlogging, reading, and fun that is BOOKTUBE!

So this is kind of an intro post for my friends and family to start watching or participating on Booktube, or even Book Blogging, if you don’t want to be on camera.  Please join me because it’s so much more fun to BookTube with people you know and like in real life as well as online.

As far as my channel goes, I’m still working on my it and trying and find the perfect place for me in the whole scheme of BookTube-ish things, but I am Mariam Misty on YouTube in case you are wondering at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0kelyC5xIY

Hope that’s a nice intro….welcome to you ALL to….


Book stacks

Peace, Love, and Respect,

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6 thoughts on “25 Reasons Why I LOVE BookTube

  1. I agree – BookTubers are amazing. I don’t make bookish videos – I don’t have good enough camera skills, so I stick to regular blogging – but I love watching. When you’re reading a book review, you can’t SEE people’s passion for books the way you can when you’re watching someone gush about a novel in a video.

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    • Nice blog! I wish I were a polyglot RN. There are a lot of great things about being a booktuber, but also lovely things about being a blogger, I think both have their pros and cons. I feel like writing is more my strength, but there some things which are just more filmy, you know? I think my personality shows more in video than in writing.

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