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Hi All!

Good afternoon to all of your out there in virtual land.  I’ve been trying to get the kinks out of becoming a booktuber for the first time — making, scripting, and editing videos and pictures.  And it’s one heck of a learning curve!! But I’m doing it and I did it!

I wanted to do a Making up for Monday tag or a book review, but I thought, before I review books for you all, why not start with the top 10 books that have been the most impact on my life, personality, thoughts, etc.  So I worked all morning to produce this video for you all.

Also, I tagged the following Booktubers:

  • TazzyPhe
  • Kaman S
  • KeenReadings
  • Vivacious Fiction
  • KellyBookSpill
  • Curls and Books
  • Through the Reading Glass
  • Books by Imani
  • Sarcasm Persuasion
  • Books over Looks
  • Jay G

PLUS, my sister agreed to do this book tag.  She actually reads more then me and is great at reviewing books!! Butttt… instead of a video she’ll most likely update her blog.  I will link it below when she sends me her link.  Also, I wanted to introduce a new booktuber named Tika who will be doing the tag on her blog, soon!! Whoo! Go Tika 🙂

I will do a book review of some of the books I mentioned in my video on this blog or make an video reviewing the book!

Special thanks to Britnee Elms for inspiring me with her video to make one of my Most Influential Books Tag vid 🙂 Also mentioned in this video was Natasha from Tashapolis who inspired me to put a very special book on the list!


Mariam, aka MiMi


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